Thursday, May 30, 2013

And so it begins!...AGAIN!!!!

A Writer Writes...

I am resurrecting this blog from the dead, hopefully infused with the DNA of a lethal alien species in order to create a new bio-weapon. Wait, that's not right. That's the plot to Alien Resurrection; my bad folks. 

Looking at that trailer again I remember how excited I was... and then utterly disappointed in that movie. Okay, lets start over...

cough, snort, belch, other unattractive noises people make before they speak...

Lets try this again. I am a writer. At least I try to be. From novels, to short stories to screenplays, to ad agency copywriting I am happiest when I'm being creative and by extension I am therefor happiest when I am talking about the things that interest me. Comics, movie trivia, the latest book I read, all these things I can ramble away about in the hopes that someone is actually paying attention *knock,knock,knock* Anyone there? Anyway, I digress.

Here we are. My very own blog. I've actually had this thing for some time but I've been pretty damn lazy when it comes down to actually "writing" anything on here. Why might you ask? Well the short answer is life happens. Job changes. Moving. Maintaining an awesome marriage with my amazing wife as we watch MST3k episodes with our cats on the floor. These things take time. I get distracted easily and lose focus, or quite simply, I don't have anything to talk about. But not any more. No. This is my soapbox and I intend to use it! And you will listen! All of you will listen! You will hear my voice, read my words and you will bow down before me!... wait no... that's not right either...that's my world domination plan, not my blog plan, sorry, I get those mixed up.

Still with me?


Cool! Thanks for sticking it out this long. My simple intention for this blog is to become a fun and entertaining place for people to visit, kick back to some well written(or poorly) rants, movie reviews, or self indulgent musings on the state of things. Also I have to admit openly that I am currently in the depths of writing my first two novels and compiling a short story collection that I intend to publish on various Ereader sites(Amazon,iBook, etc.) and I will be giving updates and info about those projects. Gotta self promote you know? So keep a look out for those! Hopefully they'll be going live for purchase in the next month. Well... at least one of them will... maybe... I'm not Stephen King, I can't write a novel every three weeks! It's a lot harder than it sounds! 

In a nutshell, keep coming back! I'll have new posts, hopefully 2-3 times a week or more as I feel like it. Since this is the summer movie season I intend to write reviews for those good and bad flicks as well as classic movies I love, recent 3D Blu-ray purchases, that sort of thing. One thing I'll do my damnedest to NOT write about is politics. Nothing is worse than reading someone else go on and on about a political issue and then realize this person is just jerking you off. And I don't want to jerk you off. That's your own personal time that you should enjoy yourself. That said, so long for now! I will return shortly... hopefully within a year! Ha! Adios! Be good and don't take drugs unless they're prescribed by a physician or they've recently been made legal(Go Colorado!).

Till next time... this is Matt, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.