Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday 7/5

Friday...Oy I Wish This Was A Long Weekend

How's everyone doing today? Not too hung over? No fingers, toes, or limbs missing from an errant firework explosion? Good! My wife and I however, sadly slept through this years show. Sad I know. We went to take a nap and by the time we got up it was already rolling and we just could not muster the willpower to get out of bed we listened to it! And it sounded amazing! With that I hope no one had an experience like San Diego did last year:



Box office report for July Fourth is up and it looks great if you're Universal Pictures, pretty much in following with the Rotten Tomatoes Scorecard, Despicable Me 2 is cleaning up, taking in over $35million in it's opening. I haven't seen the first one, but those damn minions look charming as hell and I have to admit to being interested in catching this one at some point. On the other hand... you have The Lone Ranger, it looks like Disney is really taking it on the chin with this one. It scarcely cleared $9million...against a $250million estimated budget, ouch. Granted this is only first day earnings, but yeah that kind of sucks. Disney seems to have a problem with these kind of tent-pole movies each year. John Carter, Prince of Persia, they're all trying way to hard to replicate the Pirates magic and are failing terribly at it. They also seem to forget... the Pirates Sequels all kind of suck, I didn't even finish number 4. I'll defend John Carter for at least trying, even if it was horribly edited and could have used a lot more production prep, but Lone Ranger is proving to be another huge loss for the Mouse House. Maybe they should be focusing on good characters and story instead of overly long and elaborate action sequences that go nowhere? Just a thought.  Good thing they have Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar to keep them afloat. Normally that kind of a flop costs someone on the business side their job.

moving along now...

Now You Can Have Your Very Own Russel Crowe!

That's right ladies and gents, you can order your very own 6th scale Gladiator! Well... not Gladiator... Jor-El actually. Straight from the new Superman movie Man of Steel we get our favorite Australian actor in all his Kryptonian glory, click for larger images:

This one looks pretty damn good actually! Actually makes me wish they'd make a figure for Maximus from Gladiator! Still though, if you're a fan of the movie this one is pretty solid. No where near as beefy looking as the one they're releasing for Superman. Still, there are only a few hand changes to be had on top of some kind of Krypton rifle, which is cool and all, but I was kind of hoping for the Krypton Battle Armor with it. Knowing how Hot Toys works though... that'll probably be the next figure, cus you can't have just one of these you have to have a dozen different ones - like their entire Iron Man line! If you want to see more pics, zip on over to Hot Toys Website and view for yourself.

If You Like Your Movies Good & Creepy...

This might be the movie for you...Frozen Ground staring Nicholas Cage and John Cusack follows the true story around the apprehension of serial killer Robert Hanson in 1984. I only have a passing knowledge of the guy, he lived in Alaska, would abduct women and would set them loose so he could actually "hunt" them. Kinda sick and creepy, but then I enjoy Hannibal Lecter movies and the new show on NBC... My hope is that we get a decent movie out of Cage. I've been rooting for a solid comeback from that guy and I'm up for checking out the usually nice Cusack go bad. However... this has a feel of Christopher Nolan's Insomnia that I can't quite shake. Here is the UK trailer for your enjoyment... the film opens stateside late August.

Happier Movie Trailer!!!

I didn't want to leave you on a downer so here is something a little more fun, the international trailer for  Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2! I really enjoyed the first movie, and this one looks pretty damn fun too.

oy... after watching that... I hope I'm around one of my nieces when this thing comes out. I'm starting to need an excuse to go to all these kids movies. I gotta stop openly admitting I like kids movies. Makes me sound weird. Especially when you consider the fact that I'm also excited about a serial killer movie too...odd combination.

MORE Comic Con!

This is a quick one... apparently Sony Pictures will be bringing Amazing Spider-Man 2 and their RoboCop remake to the San Diego Con this year... so we're pretty much guaranteed the first preview teaser trailers to be released somewhere around that time. Fingers crossed they both don't suck. I wasn't a huge fan of Amazing Spider-Man and this RoboCop remake/reboot has got me slightly nervous but I still have hope it could turn out okay...after all anything is better than RoboCop 3

ONE Last Trailer!

Okay so this movie coming to the states in October - Gravity - features Clooney and Sandra Bullock stranded in space... I've seen this trailer a dozen times now, I've probably even posted it up here, but it gets my heart pounding every time I see it and I can't wait to give the final movie a look. Why I'm bringing it up is it happens to open the Venice Film Fest. That position usually rests for movies that are big productions that aren't really up for competition - however, we should start getting our first reviews of the move. Written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron - I've been waiting for a new movie from this guy since Children of Men so I have really high hopes for this one. Here's to hope it's good!
enjoy the trailer:

With that I will leave you until Monday! Be good out there, have a great and restful weekend. And remember Dear Readers, if it burns when you pee, chances are pretty good you're holding the scented candle too close.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday 7/4

...AKA: Lets Shoot Fireworks and Eat A Lot Day!

inject some F.L.A.G. and celebrate your Freedom!
Hope everyone has got a great holiday lined up for themselves. Some swimming, maybe a little BBQ, or you can call for pizza, that's pretty American of you to do too. Don't forget to go to the Movies! We've got The Lone Ranger which I have heard nothing but bad things about. I'll be seeing White House Down with my wife because we like our bad movies watchable. Chances are I'll catch Lone Ranger this weekend but the tales I've heard of people walking out of the theater from people who never leave...isn't boding well for it. If you got kids or are a kid at heart, I'm hearing nothing but great things about Despicable Me 2. Onwards for more news!

Nothing Says America Quite Like a Little Bit of Porn...
not really... couldn't think of a better intro

Alrighty there folks, we have ourselves the first trailer for Lovelace, the indie biopic about Linda Lovelace, the infamous star of 70's iconic porn film Deep Throat. This has got a fantastic Boogie Nights vibe going for it and actually looks interesting. Fair warning for this trailer - no, there is no nudity - the trailer looks to give away about 90% of the movie so stop it about half way if you want to have anything left to see when it drops to theaters.


Apparently there was a rumor floating around that the cast for 50 Shades of Grey would be announced at the San Diego Comic Con in 2 weeks. Okay, I get it that the Nation's largest Comic Convention has been essentially hijacked by Hollywood to showcase their slate of upcoming action, sci-fi, and comic book related movies. But 50 Shades of Grey? Really? While there isn't going to be a cast's got me bristling at the idea the movie will even have a presence.


Any fans of The Crow out there? The original comic and the Brandon Lee film were major influences on me as an angst-ridden teenager. I caught the film on my birthday and quickly bought the complete graphic novel. Over the years I have moved from VHS, to DVD, to Blu-ray with my home video collection and I have also managed to scrounge up near mint condition 1st prints of the original run of the comic from Caliber Press. I also have numerous comics and parfinalia signed by Crow creator J.O. Barr himself. With that, any news of a new movie project is actually a welcome thing. The sequels to the original Crow film never measured up in my eyes, so word that J.O. Barr will be on the panel discussion for the new reboot film and acting as a consultant for the production is pretty damn exciting! Nice! Considering the original film blazed it's own trail and the sequels were pretty wretched, it's really awesome to hear they're bringing in Barr to make sure the story measures up. Fingers crossed it stays good.

Being the 4th, there just isn't much news that's fit to print. SO to be patriotic... here are some Captain America GIFs. No... not that Captain America... The 70's Reb Brown Captain America. The one. The only. The REAL Captain America!

If you want a copy of this piece of 70's cheese, zip on over to Amazon! At only $8 for 2 TV movies, it's totally worth it!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! Be good. Eat lots, drink less. And with that, remember Dear Readers, if you're out fishing this holiday and accidentally hook your lip, don't take it out, go with it. It might be a good look for you and engender yourself with the young folk. Who knows they might just think you're cool! It's important to be cool with the kids these days. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday 7/3

The World Could Use One Big Happy Hour

Ever think that the key to world peace could be if our esteemed leaders just opened their wallets and said "The first round is on us!" to the world? I gotta think that between mimosas, mint juleps, screw drivers and any number of beers on tap; the world would be a better place if everyone just knocked back a drink or two, or three. Have you seen people that don't really know each other at a bar after they've had a few? They're instant best friends! "I love you man!" "No I love you!" "Well I love you more." and then they order another round. Then you get men and women meeting each other on common ground, no one is telling the other what they can and can't do with their reproductive organs, they meet, they have a few, get a little cozy and maybe one will call the other after they wake up in the other's apartment. Then you get the happy accidents from this situation. What better way to link two countries together than the bond of an inter-country born child? Worked for France and England for centuries! Whose to say it couldn't work today? Even if you're sober and don't drink, food is cheep and you can get a great assortment of bar food at a low price. Promote world peace, Promote World Happy Hour Day! Moving along now...

Awesome Stop-Motion Animation Trailer News!

Okay I have to admit up front, if I haven't admitted enough about myself already, I love stop motion animation movies. So when a new one is made and is about to get released in theaters, I get more than just a little excited. With that comes the release of the first trailer for The Boxtrolls: sadly I can't embed this because Universal took it down from Youtube, but it's alive and well at Apple! I've gotta hand it to Laika Studios for putting out a trailer that deals with social family issues with a dash of humor. I don't know much of the plot, and I don't actually need to know anything. After Coraline and Paranorman, this studio can count on a ticket purchase from me every time... only bugger of it all is we have to wait OVER a year for it come out! That September 2014 release date is a long long way off. Lame. BUT shed an eye on this poster and dream about all the fun things coming our way in a year.

Holy Dark Knight Box Set News!!!

Remember that Dark Knight Trilogy Box Set I mentioned about a week ago? Yeah well it's fer realz kids! If you want to get the full spec list, zip on over to Collider. Coming in September, it's a six disc blu-ray set that features Hot Wheels toys of each main vehicle in the series. Pretty cool. Also there are a couple of new behind the scenes features that actually kinda look interesting, however, I am a bit bothered that they didn't list whether or not Batman Begins is going to get an overhaul. The picture of the current disc is okay, but since it was minted specifically for HD-DVD, yeah, it's time to do it again. Technology has changed a lot and gotten infinity better. Imagine what that picture could look like if they gave it the full breath of a 50gig disc to live on!?! Since that one still stands as my favorite of the three, with Dark Knight a close close second, I'll hold off until I hear the good news. But still, if you don't own the set or any of the movies, looks like a pretty solid buy with an SRP of $99. You know Amazon will slash that by 30-40% so you're looking at 3 top tier movies for a scant 50-60 bucks. If you can hold out to Christmas, I'm sure it'll be even cheaper than that!


Yeah, that's right... there is a new Pacific Rim trailer out... and it looks freaking awesome! I really really hope this movie pays off, for the number of big movies this summer I was excited to see, none have really measured up to their potential. In del Torro I trust. Take a look for yourself.

Not that I needed to be sold on this movie any more than I already was, but this final trailer looks fantastic. Nice to see some characters get more time over the monsters and robots. I'm worried people are lumping this in with the Transformers franchise of big robots breaking buildings. Seems like a lot of the people I've talked to have written this one off. SO here's hoping that some solid reviews and word of mouth change people's minds about it.

If that wasn't enough awesome in your day...

In case you missed the announcement of my latest creation: give a look!

Since today is the third of July, I know many folks are getting ready early to celebrate their holiday, so if you're traveling, be safe. Have tons of fun. Go to the movies. Fire up the grill. But remember you probably have to work on Friday... so don't get too sloshed! There might be a new post tomorrow... there might not, my wife and I are planning on catching White House Down, it's a Roland Emmerich movie... I've seen every one of his movies in the theater since Stargate! And with that, remember Dear Readers, there is no gold in your nose so don't go digging... unless you put it there yourself in which case, pick away!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Epic Trailer

The Big Day is Here!

That's right ladies and gents, boys and girls, cats and dogs...

I give you...  Army of Darkness Epic Trailer

If you're curious what the raw edits look like; click on the pic to see full size, also note, there are 64 video cuts to make this work!

I hope you enjoyed it! Leave comments if you'd like! Thanks for all the encouragement and support!

Tuesday 7/2

Whoa That Was a Big Storm!

OOookay. well last night we had the craziest storm we've had in the three years we've lived in Colorado. We go to bed, everything is fine, cats are put away, my wife snug under the blanket and me in my cap as we nestled into bed for a cool summer evening nap. Then all of a sudden the biggest hardest winds came up out of no where, rain was falling into our apartment sideways! Trees outside were bending so far they looked like they were going to snap. Electric poles looked like they were moving! Lightning streaked across the sky like July fourth fireworks. So as fast as we could we ran around shutting windows, and sopping up the water out of the carpets. Then just as we're about to go back to sleep, the dang thing goes away. As soon as it came in, it was gone! SO we get out of bed again, go back around the apartment, open up windows, turn on fans and go back to bed. It was 20 minutes of nutty in the middle of the night. As a result... I really want to watch Twister!
What better way to start the day than a little dose of Bill Paxton?
The would would be a better place with more Bill Paxton.


Well, given that San Diego Comic Con is around the corner, studios are being very selective about any new news or trailers being released. So pretty much all the news that's out there isn't really news so I'll give you a quick rundown:

Christian Bale Wont Be Batman Again

In an interview he gave with Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Bale pretty much flat out says he's not coming back, no one is talking to him about coming back to the mantle of the Bat, he hasn't had any conversations with anyone about Justice League and he fully believes that torch should be passed to another actor. Get all that? So it's one big no story story. This does mean we have a shot at a Batman that sounds like he doesn't have throat cancer! 

The LONE RANGER - and Companion 

Well this was pretty much inevitable, much like Paramount with World War Z, Disney is obligated to go forth with more Lone Ranger  movies. Apparently Armie Hammer - yes that is is name -  has sequel deals in place as the titular ranger with a penchant for silver bullets and Johnny Depp is up for replaying Tonto the Indian Companion. Disney put a lot of bucks into this movie, upwards of $250 million, and I got high hopes, but it is also the most expensive western ever produced, so if it doesn't hit at the boxoffice this holiday weekend, I doubt we'll see the man in the mask for at least another 20-30 years like the last movie. And by that time we'll have laser guns so Hollywood would re-invent the character as The Lone Space Ranger and Tonto would now be called T'ch'Tu-ah - his faithful Martian Companion. And for his theme song, all he needs to do is blink an eye and the implant in his brain will play the William Tell Overture! Ahhh I love Hollywood. If my brain can think this garbage up... they can too. 


Just in time for the U.S. holiday to get rolling, director Rolland Emmerich has been dropping a few tidbits here and there about what is going on with the sequel to everyone's favorite summer movie from 20 years ago.SO apparently the correct title is now Independence Day Forever Part 1 so I guess that makes it ID4FP1? In addition to Bill Pullman returning, apparently Jeff Goldblum will be back too! Also he's trying to get Brent Spinner to come back...which is weird since his character died when he was being used by the alien to speak with a long penis-like tentacle thing wrapped around his throat - but whatever, if they can bring Superman back from the dead, I'm sure they got room enough to resurrect the geeky scientist. Now the biggest question they need to answer is does Goldblum's character sill use Apple? Or has he switched to Droid? The small child in me is alive with Joy as this project seems like it's actually going to happen!

That isn't quite all I have for you today, going live around 1:00 mountain time, will be... my latest Epic Trailer! Aren't you excited! I know I am, this is another labor of love, hope everyone enjoys it. And with that, remember Dear Readers, there is only one appropriate orifice for food consumption; the mouth. The nostrils are too tiny and can clog with spaghetti easily, and the anus... well... the less said about that the better. Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday 7/1

Monday, the day you're actually secretly grateful for so you can stop doing all the bad stuff you were doing over the weekend and get back to work.

Damn This Sucks News, RIP Jim Kelly

Legendary Kung-Fu film star Jim Kelly has died over the weekend at the age of 67. If you don't know the name well, you know the face. He was prominently featured in the Bruce Lee action classic Enter the Dragon. He got his start in the film industry by winning a karate championship in 1971, opened his own dojo and parlayed his skills and successes into a busy film career. After Enter slingshot him into fame we went on to star in numerous blaxploitation films including 3 the Hard Way, Black Samurai, and Black Belt Jones. Jim retired from making movies in the 80's but would pop up in cameo roles and maintained his status as a fixture in the martial arts community and would make frequent appearances at conventions. So grab your copy of Enter the Dragon and remember this guy fondly. I'm plugging in my LaserDisc copy at this moment.


Ever discover a new show on Netflix, Amazon Instant, or check out from the library and it's so good you have to keep watching episodes until you run out and your brain implodes leaving you a lifeless bulk just sitting on the couch with a slack-jawed look on your face? Yeah... I've done this many times, and this weekend, my wife and I finally got around to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. We got the first season at the library, got to enjoy the first 3 episodes before the disc started skipping! Those bastards! But we were hooked! We had to watch more! Amazon Instant didn't stream them for free, what were we to do? Reactivate our membership to Netflix is what! Damn it. They got us. Again! The show is great, we love the cast, and between Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny ranks in with the best of them. For some reason my wife and I love shows about stupid people innocently doing bad stuff to one another and to total strangers without any scruples. If you haven't caught it, give it a shot and have fun. Just don't get stuck like these people...
Ironically, that's exactly how we watched the first 2 seasons of Portlandia


Well this isn't news exactly... there's not a whole hell of a lot of that going around that isn't about politics. However, thanks to the great folks over at Screenrant, I was exposed to this horrific piece of marketing over the weekend. Have you ever wanted to hear C-3PO rap? Well now you can! Enjoy!

After this you just might forget the Star Wars Holiday Special... probably not. If you've ever seen that floating turd of TV entertainment, you know those images, those sounds, that scene wheer the grandpa wookie does that thing with his bottom lip... they're burned in your brain forever. You force yourself to move on. You survive the best way that you can, one day at a time, one day at a time.

Need more fun? In case you missed it, I got a chance to catch a screening of the legendary film Samurai Cop over the weekend. Give my review a look over at Flick Show Ticket and enjoy some goofy pictures that I managed to scrounge up from the interwebs.

Like I said, nothing much happened or got dropped news wise over the weekend SO, unless something major comes down the pipe through the course of the day, this is it for today. I'm still working on my next trailer mashup, it's progressing day by day, so lookout for that soon... possibly  even this afternoon if I can swing it. Until next time Dear Readers, remember if you're given the opportunity to purchase droids from Jawas, make sure they're not wanted by The Galactic Empire... only bad things ever happen. Remember Owen. Remember Beru.