Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday 7/1

Monday, the day you're actually secretly grateful for so you can stop doing all the bad stuff you were doing over the weekend and get back to work.

Damn This Sucks News, RIP Jim Kelly

Legendary Kung-Fu film star Jim Kelly has died over the weekend at the age of 67. If you don't know the name well, you know the face. He was prominently featured in the Bruce Lee action classic Enter the Dragon. He got his start in the film industry by winning a karate championship in 1971, opened his own dojo and parlayed his skills and successes into a busy film career. After Enter slingshot him into fame we went on to star in numerous blaxploitation films including 3 the Hard Way, Black Samurai, and Black Belt Jones. Jim retired from making movies in the 80's but would pop up in cameo roles and maintained his status as a fixture in the martial arts community and would make frequent appearances at conventions. So grab your copy of Enter the Dragon and remember this guy fondly. I'm plugging in my LaserDisc copy at this moment.


Ever discover a new show on Netflix, Amazon Instant, or check out from the library and it's so good you have to keep watching episodes until you run out and your brain implodes leaving you a lifeless bulk just sitting on the couch with a slack-jawed look on your face? Yeah... I've done this many times, and this weekend, my wife and I finally got around to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. We got the first season at the library, got to enjoy the first 3 episodes before the disc started skipping! Those bastards! But we were hooked! We had to watch more! Amazon Instant didn't stream them for free, what were we to do? Reactivate our membership to Netflix is what! Damn it. They got us. Again! The show is great, we love the cast, and between Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny ranks in with the best of them. For some reason my wife and I love shows about stupid people innocently doing bad stuff to one another and to total strangers without any scruples. If you haven't caught it, give it a shot and have fun. Just don't get stuck like these people...
Ironically, that's exactly how we watched the first 2 seasons of Portlandia


Well this isn't news exactly... there's not a whole hell of a lot of that going around that isn't about politics. However, thanks to the great folks over at Screenrant, I was exposed to this horrific piece of marketing over the weekend. Have you ever wanted to hear C-3PO rap? Well now you can! Enjoy!

After this you just might forget the Star Wars Holiday Special... probably not. If you've ever seen that floating turd of TV entertainment, you know those images, those sounds, that scene wheer the grandpa wookie does that thing with his bottom lip... they're burned in your brain forever. You force yourself to move on. You survive the best way that you can, one day at a time, one day at a time.

Need more fun? In case you missed it, I got a chance to catch a screening of the legendary film Samurai Cop over the weekend. Give my review a look over at Flick Show Ticket and enjoy some goofy pictures that I managed to scrounge up from the interwebs.

Like I said, nothing much happened or got dropped news wise over the weekend SO, unless something major comes down the pipe through the course of the day, this is it for today. I'm still working on my next trailer mashup, it's progressing day by day, so lookout for that soon... possibly  even this afternoon if I can swing it. Until next time Dear Readers, remember if you're given the opportunity to purchase droids from Jawas, make sure they're not wanted by The Galactic Empire... only bad things ever happen. Remember Owen. Remember Beru.

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