Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oh yeah... Bio-Dome

Consider this one a late Earth Day gift... I'm sorry but no one else would take it and I'm never above watching a movie when I get to be paid for movie reviews!

So check out the screenshot page I created for Bio-Dome and follow the link to the review if you're a glutton for punishment.
If this image doesn't make you want to kill, you're stronger than me.

A New Post You Say?

Well it's been a long time since I was on here so time for a little update:

1: I am still building the wordpress page - but now I have a real website and hosting so I started all over from square one on that and it being wordpress - yeah there are a lot of theme options and I am fastidious so choosing the right look is important.

2: I am now a contributing Blu-ray writer for High-Def Digest. Since the end of January I've plowed through a better part of 50 reviews!

3: In case they haven't been linking to the main page like they're supposed to - I've been posting up screenshots for some of my reviews to help the SEO for my posts as well as offer some readers a little more to look at and help them decide if the disc is worth the purchase.

4: Well there really isn't a 4 I just wanted an excuse to keep writing.

5: There isn't a 5 either.

6: Okay even I'd admit the joke has played out.

7: I'm watching Daredevil on Netflix right now and it's awesome!

8: There isn't an 8 either.

SOOOOOoooo with that I'm gong to drop a link to my latest Blu-ray Screenshots page for 'The Wicked Lady' and as I post up reviews for more Blu-ray releases, if I think they're worthy I'll drop in the links here as well.