Friday, June 14, 2013

Unintended last minute post of the day...

There's a Friday the 13th complete series Blu-Ray box set coming out?

How in the mother of pearl did I not hear about this? I catch a glimpse of some random box art and I am completely dumbfounded. In case you weren't aware, I pretty much love EVERYTHING that has to do with the original 8 Friday films when they were released in the 80's. I got to see all of them on TV 20 out of Detroit so I got a lot of fond memories watching these on the TV in my parent's room under the covers.

  It'''s BEAUTIFUL! Now here are the specs as they're known thus far:

Disc 1: Friday the 13th
Disc 2: Friday the 13th Part 2
Disc 3: Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D
Disc 4: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter *
Disc 5: Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning * / Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives *
Disc 6: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood * / Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan *
Disc 7: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday * / Jason X *
Disc 8: Freddy vs. Jason
Disc 9: Friday the 13th (2009, Theatrical Version and "Killer Cut" Extended Version)
Disc 10: Killer Bonus DVD Disc

I think it's odd that the last six movies are doubled up and not getting their own discs. I know fans like myself are going to irked because the latter films were the ones that got cut for content the most, so this cramped disc space pretty much rules out any significant bonus features or deleted scenes. But then, the night is young, final specs aren't yet listed. One thing for concern is for Friday the 13th Part 3... it's listed as "in 3D" but does that mean it's finally getting a proper Blu-Ray 3D release? Or are they recycling the red/blue anaglyph 3D disc that's been sitting on store shelves for years? I hope not! Since this was one of the first Polarized 3D releases EVER, I hope it gets the treatment it deserves. I always had my fingers crossed Scream Factory would get this release but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Still, it'll be fun to have them ALL in HD. We'll just have to wait and see if the price point is worth it.

OKAY, baring any incredible news along the lines of me growing a third arm or magically pulling the solution to cold fusion out of thin air, this should be my last post of the day. Check out the final part to my Superman Retrospective and have yourself a great, wonderful, and safe weekend of fun!


I was thinking about the phrase "Easy as Pie" today. I heard a trainer say that to their client at the gym today. Pies really aren't that easy to make. The crust has to be just right, the filling can be a pain, and then making sure it's not overcooked or undercooked is a nightmare. The only thing easy about pie is EATING it. But that would be counter intuitive in a gym-like setting so I have no idea what that trainer was telling that person, but it was the WRONG information. ANYWAY....

Well..Man of Steel is upon us in multiplexes EVERYWHERE! Finally! And judging from the current Tomatometer score, it's pretty divided among critics. Judging from a few snippets of the reviews, if you loved Batman Begins and a more "down to earth" approach to Superman you're going to love it. If you're only expecting to get Chris Reeve reincarnated like Superman Returns, then you're probably going to be disappointed. I have not yet seen the flick, that happens tomorrow, I can't get the time in with my writing schedule, plus my wife really wants to see it too. I'm still stoked to see it, the positive reviews have been glowing, and I'm pretty sure I can divorce myself from memories past of Superman films gone by. It's like James Bond if you think about it. Every 10-12 years there's a new one. Even Roger Moore haters enjoy his movies. We shall just have to wait and see what the real fans think.

 Later this afternoon I will be posting my final part of my Superman Retrospective with a look back at SUPERMAN RETURNS. Some love it, some hate it, I always felt it was just okay, but I gotta give it another viewing so that should be up this afternoon. In the mean time if you hadn't noticed with my Superman IV: The Quest For Peace story, I added four gifs to lighten things up. These just so happened to be the first gifs I ever made! I think I did all right!

Not bad for a first effort? I especially like the one where Superman drops Lois.  

The Beards Are Angry At Hollywood... the place that made them BILLIONAIRES!!!

The big scuttlebutt around the interwebs the last couple days has been the recent comments made by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to a group of USC students at a dedication ceremony. I won't post the whole story, you can read that on Collider. Basically they're predicting an industry "implosion" or "meltdown" because their recent efforts underperformed or barely made it into theaters at all. OK?Doesn't that happen to every other movie out there? First off, this big budget summer movie extravaganza they say is ruining things... THEY CREATED IT!!! Jaws? Star Wars? E.T.? Any of those ring a bell to these guys? And if they're having a hard time getting their movies into theaters maybe they should focus on making movies better? One thing I see that's dragging the whole thing down is setting the release date BEFORE a screenwriter is even hired on the project. As much as I dug recent movies like Star Trek Into Darkness or last year's Prometheus, those movies and numerous others could have greatly benefited from another rewrite. And if you want to talk budgets lets compare The Purge(still havent seen it) against The Avengers. The Purge had a budget of $3million and The Avengers had a budget of $220million. At that rate, Hollywood could have produced OVER 70 films with identical budgets as The Purge. While they don't all need to be Horror films(I wouldn't mind) but it is worth noting The Purge has taken in nearly $40million at the box office in under a week. If Lucas and Spielberg thing blockbusters are ruining the industry, maybe they should stop making them? Just a thought.

Rant over, now for fun.


WTF Right? I hope those Terminators come with spare parts to build braces and walkers, cus Arnold is looking his age I gotta tell ya. Not that I'm against that. I TOTALLY dug The Last Stand, thought it was a hoot and I'm looking forward to Escape Plan and Ten. In my opinion John Wayne did some of his best work in his later years, True Grit anyone?  But him in another Terminator? Eh... I think that's one that just needs to stop. King Conan, THAT is a project I can get behind... mostly cus I love Conan, BUT there is also a reasonable excuse for his age change.

 That's it for this week, I'll be back Monday with a FULL review of Man of Steel and I'll be getting back to some regular feature postings. And as always dear readers, if you are ever in a life or death situation where there is a monster is chasing you intent on devouring your flesh, remember, run up to him and give him a hug and a kiss. You just might melt his icy heart and change his mind...or he could still kill you, but it's worth a shot.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

    So far, it has been confirmed that at least 2 people have been killed and nearly 360 homes have been lost in the Black Forest area fires, and the evacuation order has been extended into parts of Colorado Springs and Monument. My wife and I vacation in the Monument and the nearby Manitou Springs area so we are very concerned about the sites and the businesses we frequent whenever we're down there. 

    If you want to keep pace with this story on your own, the Denver Post is doing some fantastic up to the minute reporting. Pretty horrible way to start the summer season after last years devastating fires. Lets hope the wind blows the right way for a change and brings in the rain they desperately need.

    I haven't yet read of any donation sites or centers that are accepting contributions, if you have any news on that score please let me know! Post in the comments section and I'll give it a look and make sure the word gets out.

    As I write this sentence, I have so far heard a dozen or more helicopters and heavy firefighting planes fly overhead my apartment headed south. Hope, prey, send well wishes to those in need tonight dear readers. Fingers crossed I have better news to report in the morning. Till then, good night, take care, and be safe.

the Man
the Legend
the Wiseau

 Before we get going on my personal musings and nonsense, I want to take a moment and give a shout out of support to Colorado Springs area residents that are being so devastatingly affected by the Black Forest fires. So far over 100 homes have been lost, and thankfully, there are no reports of any lives lost. If/when I hear about any relief fund or donation information, I'll post those outlets up if you would like to help out.

Okay, back to stupid fun stuff designed to make you smile.

First up... anyone see this yet?

I'll admit to being a mild fan of the first film, it was a goofy bloody affair that was pretty to look at, but I appreciate it more as a technical achievement for nearly shooting an entire film in front of Blue, Green, and Pink screens only to have the scenery digitally inserted. Now, 7 years removed from the original film, it feels old hat after efforts like Avatar, and the Spartacus TV series. Apparently it's based on Frank Miller's "Xerxes" sequel to his 300 graphic novel. For one thing I didn't even know "Xerxes" was out, and more importantly, after the awful "Holy Terror"... do I want to read it? Anyone give it a shot? Is it worth it? Anyway, based on this trailer, it looks to be a fun time. Not expecting much more than a bunch of guys with little to no clothes fighting, except this time there are Boats! So that makes it an ENTIRELY different movie!

Moving along, I would like to expound upon something that is near and dear to my heart, Bad Movies. Little can entertain me more than a bad movie. To bring the point home, Ed Wood is a personal hero of mine. There I said it, I will willingly watch Plan 9 From Outer Space UNRIFFED! Since my wife and I moved to Denver, we have become fans of MIDNIGHT MADNESS hosted every Friday and Saturday night at the Esquire Theater. The quality of the films we've seen here has ranged from Classics like Jaws, to the terribly funny The Super Mario Bros., to the endearing Mean Girls, to a monthly showing of the always awesome Rocky Horror Picture Show. Here is their up coming slate:
Jun 14 & 15: Troll 2
Jun 21 & 22: Cabin in the Woods
Fri, Jun 28: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jun 28 & 29: Samurai Cop
Jul 5 & 6: Escape From New York
Jul 12 & 13: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sat, Jul 13: The Room, "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!"
Jul 19 & 20: Aliens, (MY BIRTHDAY!!! SCORE!!!!)
Fri, Jul 26: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jul 26 & 27: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Aug 2 & 3: A Clockwork Orange
Aug 9 & 10: The Room, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero In Person! Special Event Tickets $15! 

As you can see, they show some pretty damn amazing movies each week. You also may have noticed that each month they show the new cult Midnight Movie hit, THE ROOM! And I have to tell you, in all its inept glory, it is one of the most amazingly fun, bad, god awful movies I have ever been given the pleasure of watching! My wife and I have been to see it at the Esquire a half a dozen times at least! AND the awesome news of this current crop of movies as you may have noticed, Writer Director and Star Tommy Wiseau WILL BE HERE IN DENVER on Aug 9 and 10th! In tow will be co-star and producer Greg Sestero(His Best Friend!!!) 

Sadly... because fate has deemed it the perfect time for family to come to town... My wife and I... we... we won't be going!
I can't blame them, it's just the way the Fates decided to torture me. But on the flip side I'll get to play with my two adorable little nieces who are WAY more cute than Tommy is! SO if you have nothing going that weekend in August, get your tickets now! They're going fast if they're not sold out already! It's a great movie, the Denver crowd is AWESOME, and you'd get to meet the legend himself!
If you can't make it drop by The Room Official Webpage. They list all of the tour dates Tommy and Greg are showing the film, so maybe it'll come to your town! Also his store is pretty damn awesome. From copies of the movie, to posters, to clothing and footballs, you can get it all there. ALSO what is really F-ing sweet is when you place your order, you can request Tommy to personally sign ANYTHING you ordered... I have proof!

Not sure exactly what it says, I think "May all your pleasures come true?" But the point being the dude signed it. Also I should note the damage to the poster wasn't their fault, the mailman dented the poster tube during delivery. That's it for today, be sure to drop by Movie Kid Memories this afternoon for my thoughts and feelings about  
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace!!!
With that, I shall leave you with the trailer for

Be good dear readers, have fun and observe proper safety protocols  when operating toenail clippers. Accidents happen...


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holy Beserker

TOTALLY did not expect this to drop today, but, I got to say that I am pleasantly surprised! Didn't expect to drop in another post today, but hell, gotta make exceptions when cool stuff happens! This is similar to the past trailers, not a whole lot of new plot points given away, but we do get our first real look at Viper in action and a few other extended action sequences. I like how this movie is more or less flying under the Summer Blockbuster Radar this year. Between Iron Man 3, Star Trek, and Man of Steel, this new outing for everyone's favorite rage prone Canadian feels like it's on solid footing. After X-Men Origins, this is a welcome site. BUT then again, I was excited to see Origins too and that one sucked on toast. Fingers crossed it holds together. Even if it is the pits, I gotta hand it to the marketing team for creating perhaps one of my all time favorite movie posters:

I want this hanging on my wall...

SO what do you think? Leave your comments below and let your nerd voice be heard!
What Do You Do When You're Melting?

SO, yeah still no AC. I waited all day for the building maintenance guy to show up, only to get a call at 5:00 from the manager telling me they canceled the work order and instead are going to order us a new one. That's fine, but the new unit doesn't get here till Monday! It's not even 9:AM and this is what it feels like in here:


Thanks to Cult Movies gif and Screenshots for posting this great scene from Incredible Melting Man!

Onwards dear readers! 

Speaking of melting, as you all may or may not know, I'm trying to get back into shape. I was a big guy all through high school and into college. At my worst, I went nearly 3 bills, easy. See proof below:

I decided to make some changes. After getting hooked on the Herbalife nutrition products and successfully getting my butt into the gym, I tore off a better part of 115 pounds! Again proof below:

Damn I love that Batman shirt, too bad it has huge holes in the armpits. Soon after, I met my amazing wife, we were quite healthy people and did alright diet wise. She was a runner, I worked out on machines when I could... then we moved to Colorado; The Land of Delicious Beer and Pizza. Not to mention an incredible ice cream and candy shop here in town, and with the blazing Colorado Summer Sun keeping me inside eating delicious cold foods, it didn't take long before I was back to looking like this:

 Nothing quite like a picture of yourself with unflattering Man Boobs to get you motivated.  Not to mention the fact that I wore loose cargo pants for virtually an entire year... and I can't guarantee I wore different pairs, they all looked alike! While I didn't gain back the entire 115 pounds, I was probably a rock flabby 50-60 pounds heavier here. That said, starting this last January, I entered a virtual weight loss challenge my sister was hosting, I redoubled on my nutrition plan, started cutting out the beer, pizza and candy like a good boy! And with tons of encouragement and support from my wife, I've so far dropped down over 30 pounds in the last 5 months! How did I do it? Read on dear readers, read on!

I started going to the gym again...

I started doing yoga...(Downdog Image Too Graphic for Internet)

I got me some really great, super light and comfortable hiking and trail running shoes...

And I kept at it. Little by little, day by day, Progress was slowly made. Due to all this effort, I now am dead sexy...Accept I'm alive.

this is me being Alive Sexy

With Man of Steel opening this weekend, I thought I was in perfect shape to sport my favorite shirt to the show...

 There's just one problem, IT DOESN'T FIT!!!

It may look like it fits okay, but trust me, it doesn't! I am swimming in the thing now. In this pic I'm puffing up my chest and forcing my gut out just to get the "S" visible! Cub Scouts could camp under me with enough safe room to light a fire! If I had mad Patric Swayze dance skills, I could totally jump up in the air, spin around and do a complete 360 turn and the shirt wouldn't even MOVE! Now I see that with 2 days left before opening day, I don't have enough time to gain all that weight back! Not that I'd want to, but damn it! I love that shirt and now it's a bedspread. Could be worse, not sure how... Guess I'll just have to go out and replace it. Maybe I should save this shirt and wrap up my first born son in it when he enters the world?

Special thanks to my cat Basil for making the concentrated effort to photobomb EVERY picture I took of myself.

Kitler Cat

Anyway, That's all for today folks! Be sure to drop by Movie Kid Memories later this afternoon for my feelings on Superman III! I actually have to watch it again, it's been so long since I'd seen it. Till next time, remember to double check there is an adequate supply of TP in the stall before commencing the final countdown to launch. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Desolation of Smaug


Alright, color me more than happy! There is one thing that is without a doubt, it is always exciting when the new trailer drops! This one features just enough to whet the whistle while not showing the full film in 3 minutes. The last shot of Smaug is a tad sketchy, maybe it's the lighting, or it could be a rushed render, still there is 6 months left to iron out those details, so I'm not too worried. This bad boy is also being shown with Man of Steel starting this Friday, so if you're like me and want to get a glimpse of it in 3D, now you know where to go.

On the surface it looks action packed and tons of fun. Lots of big set pieces I remember from the book here, namely the barrels and the confrontation with the Woodland Elves. Also we get an all to brief appearance of Shelob and the Spiders, which happens to be my favorite part of the book, so I hope that is as creepy as ever! Like most movies I am attempting to temper my excitement, but what can I say? I'm a movie dork, and this stuff really gets me going. December can't get here fast enough!

Love it? Hate it? Let your voice be heard below!
Superman, Video Games, Clint Eastwood Directing a Musical??? Oh MY!

HOWDY folks! Got a pretty packed day today between writing, blogging and our AC unit is out and will hopefully get fixed today... We're due for mid 90's... again. So before my computer starts heating up the room to a measure I can't tolerate, I have to dash out today's posts as fast as I can. Buckle up... it's going to be a bumpy ride! Spelling errors be damned!

SUPERMAN!!! In addition to part two of my Retrospective, the first reviews are coming in for Man of Steel, and so far they're pretty positive! As of this writing, it currently holds a 73 on Rottentomatoes! With only about 35 reviews in, there is still plenty of room for it to sink or swim. So if you don't mind your movies being blown and spoilers being tossed around like candy at a parade, go ahead and give them a read. Apparently Warner Bros. is so confident in their little opus, early reports bouncing around the interwebs this morning have it that Man of Steel Director and Writer team Zach Snyder and David S. Goyer are being fast tracked to get to work on a sequel. So there is that...

In the WTF section of the day...

According to Collider, Clint Eastwood is Directing the film adaptation of the stage show Jersey Boys? Read the Story here. Is this a new development? Has this been going on all the time? I knew he was trying to get another remake of "A Star Is Born" off the ground but I had no idea he was going this far with it. I know there are a lot of people that loved the show, so no doubt it'll make bank. But I have a hard time picturing Outlaw Josey Wales directing song and dance numbers... at least the cast won't be empty chairs.

 NEXT on the list...

Sony has announced full specs for PS4! 

It's already available for preorder on Amazon!

Right from the get go it would appear that the ball is firmly in Sony's court. This new system allows for hassle free game trading and used sales, it doesn't need to be connected to the internet at all times, and is a FULL $100 less than the X-Box One.

The icing on the cake is this little demo video on how to exchange games on the PS4.


While I was never a big fan of X-Box, I've always been a casual gamer so I never thought one system was better than the other, I will say Microsoft seems to have lost the PR war on this round. They had every chance to own the day and they botched every chance they had. They could have put rumor and speculation to bed quick, but they remained guarded and quiet. They gave Sony the perfect opportunity to sit back, wait for gamer input, and then strike. Hats off to them for taking advantage of it.

That's it for now, be sure to drop by Movie Kid Memories for my thoughts on Superman II. Also later this evening I should be able to get up my latest edition of RiffTuesday

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear underwear, chafing is a common cause for skin rashes and plumber butt is the number one leading factor for embarrassment in both men and women.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Case of the Mondays...

I'm not entirely sure why people hate Monday's so much. Wait... yeah I do... damn, you forget quick when you haven't had a regular job in a couple months. Guess mine's of to a great start or something.  So you know I gave Into The 3rd Dimension it's own page, you can check that one out all by it's lonesome, and I will be updating that early next week as soon as I'm done with my Superman Film Retrospective on my page Movie Kid Memories. Anyway I was struck with a thought during my workout...

Remember all of those "cool" Edward Furlong horror movies in the early 90's? I am of course speaking of Pet Sematary II and Brainscan If you don't remember these, don't worry about it, they actually weren't all that good. Coming off the high of T2: Judgement Day, he dove headfirst into his acting career, sadly no one filled the pool beforehand. I just remember watching the trailers for these movies as a kid and thinking how cool they looked and then in later years seeing the movies and then realizing they're actually really bad! Random aside I know, but for fun, here are the trailers:

The horrendously bad and unintentionally funny Pet Sematary II

And... sadly... Brainscan

Anyway, Not much happening around the interwebs, it's early in the news cycle this week. Man of Steel punches into screens but that isn't until Friday. One awesome thing did drop today and it leads to another awesome thing tomorrow... that is of course, the first poster and the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! The first poster is up and out, and it is a beauty. 

Like all past Lord of the Rings movies and An Unexpected Journey there is great art, craft, and time taken with these posters. While the standard photoshoped floating head posters do exist in the series, they at least all had some of the finest teaser posters ever printed. Lets hope the trailer tomorrow shows off some great stuff, but not all the great moments. I am REALLY hoping they hold off showing Smaug until the film is actually released. It worked for Gollum and The Two Towers. With that, lets take a look at the past posters, just to bask in their glory before we go on with our day.

Good times, anyway, that's all for today, check out the first part of my Retrospective for Superman! Be good kids, and remember don't eat another kid's lunch, you never know if that child eats cow tongue or not. Trust me, I've had it... and it was pretty gross.