Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holy Beserker

TOTALLY did not expect this to drop today, but, I got to say that I am pleasantly surprised! Didn't expect to drop in another post today, but hell, gotta make exceptions when cool stuff happens! This is similar to the past trailers, not a whole lot of new plot points given away, but we do get our first real look at Viper in action and a few other extended action sequences. I like how this movie is more or less flying under the Summer Blockbuster Radar this year. Between Iron Man 3, Star Trek, and Man of Steel, this new outing for everyone's favorite rage prone Canadian feels like it's on solid footing. After X-Men Origins, this is a welcome site. BUT then again, I was excited to see Origins too and that one sucked on toast. Fingers crossed it holds together. Even if it is the pits, I gotta hand it to the marketing team for creating perhaps one of my all time favorite movie posters:

I want this hanging on my wall...

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