Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday 8/20

Whoa, so that's what a productive day at work feels like!

Well one day down, and who knows how long to go! - I mean that in a good way. It's been a blast so far and I'm really excited about all of the things I'm going to learn with this job, which is pretty damn awesome! So far I got a couple of voice overs, videos, and press releases under my belt, while not being a lot, that does mean my nasally voice is out there on the interwebs for all to enjoy!


Book Talk

With all this job stuff going on; where does that leave me with my novel? Well the quick answer to that is stuck in the mud. For the moment. after I am done with this post I fully intend to work out a schedule so that each day, if it's even for just a half an hour or an hour, I'll be able to keep plugging away at things! So yeah there is that.

Holy Man of Steel Special Edition Batman!

Well with a looming November 12th release date ahead of us, it was only a matter of time before we got the wild and crazy editions with full extras lists for this summer's Superman reboot Man of Steel. I was cool with the movie - I didn't think it was the greatest thing, I liked what the filmmakers went for in spite of feeling that they really needed to have edited down the back half of the movie and boosted the front end. But none the less, here are all the different editions to whet your whistle!

Here is your super deluxe awesome edition with all the same features just in a shiny shelf space eating case!

 Next are your typical 2D Blu-ray with digital copy and all that, and then next to that is the 3D edition. The difference between the two? One is in 3D! Otherwise everything is the same. Even in the super deluxe awesome edition. So unless you want a big S on your shelf that big set might be a pass


While there are all sorts of crazy cool extras - there are NONE of the reported hour+ deleted scenes to be found  in ANY of these official releases or an any of the retail exclusives that are sure to come bounding out soon. That means, yes, what ever "director's cut" there may be of this - wont come out for at least a year and then probably not before 2015's Superman Does Batman or whatever the hell they're calling it. So yeah long wait for the inevitable double dip!

Not a whole hell of a lot of other news going on. The Expendables 3 just started filming yesterday, So next summer we get to enjoy Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Harrison Ford beating up a bunch of minions sent out by Mel Gibson! So that might actually be fun, the first two movies were ok, second was better than the first so that's at least a progressive trend. Maybe the third movie will live up to all the promised potential?

So with that Dear Readers, this is it for today unless something earth shattering happens! - So remember breaking wind in a hot tub full of other people is tantamount to murder. It's an evil thing to do. And yes there are bubbles, but that doesn't mean everyone isn't going to know it's you.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday 8/19

Well is there was ever a case of the Mondays...

Well folks, I am calling today my first real day of my new gig! Pretty damn exciting but also seems to be starting on a bit of an ominous note. At 5:30 morning, a motorcyclist was killed not far from our apartment when he apparently ran a red light and slammed into a crossing RTD bus! Amazingly enough if I still had my old job, chances are I would have been on that bus! Sad to hear about the death of the rider- but at the same time folks, it's a good idea to pay attention to those traffic signals and the GIGANTIC silver turd shaped vehicles on wheels. To cap that off I am also recovering from one hell of a migraine that started last night and continues to punish my head at this very moment!

Now about this gig I'm on. So far, this is going to be AWESOME! I get to write press released and copy, I get to edit videos, and starting today - I get to ad Voice Over Talent to my resume! Well... I get to do Voice Overs if the emergency vehicles would stop using the normally quite road I live off of as a through way. Seriously, WTF is going on around here? There are so many accidents. I literally heard one hardly half a block from my place not 20 minutes ago and the subsequent argument from the drivers involved. While I couldn't quite get a solid read on what they were saying, from the tone and inflection it probably had to do which one had the bigger dick and which one had a smaller inadequate one. Problem is when both parties are speeding through a 20mph zone - it doesn't matter who hit whom - they're both dicks! And while I'm glad they didn't seem to have gotten hurt, I am very glad to report their cars are wrecked! Yes I am a spiteful bastard sometimes. But this was a dream scenario - no one got hurt, both dudes were on their feet talking to officers, as their penises on wheels got towed to the junk heap. MAYBE they won't drive like assholes down my quiet neighborhood street where children play and puppies bound about and grass grows? ...somehow I doubt it. So at the very least I hope their premiums spike BIG TIME!

That said, I've zipped through a couple press releases for a charity group that helps pair up a person with disabilities with a runner that would push/carry that person through the race and across the finish line! Seriously - this has been a great morning for meaningful writing. This sounds like a pretty awesome charity to support. They're called myTeamTriumph and they have chapters throughout the country - so if you're a person of athletic prowess consider dropping by their website and see if there isn't a race in your area you might be able to donate your time or some funds to. 

With that I also have a couple more Press Releases to do - which is awesome because before now my press release experience has been pretty much nonexistent. Not that I never did one, just that in classic writer fashion, everything that I wrote that was awesome and exciting got rewritten to the point that it wasn't even my work anymore. So it's really cool to know that out there in there in the interwebs will be a bunch of sites I can link to that will showcase my exceptional command of the English language and how I can butcher it like a cow.

Well that is pretty much all I got for you. I didn't go see Kick Ass 2 this weekend, didn't hear much in the way of anything good about it and to be quite honest, I aint a big fan of rape humor in any context so yeah - skipping that one. With that, remember Dear Readers, if you're driving down my road at high speeds, be warned I have set up a series of booby traps and obstacles that are designed to utterly ruin your $40k SUV while leaving you uninjured! - Happy motoring! Be SAFE out there for God's sake!