Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday... A.K.A. "I Don't Wanna Get Out Of Bed"

As someone that has struggled to maintain a healthy weight, I look at cupcakes like Dean Martin looks at whiskey in Rio Bravo:
A good friend of mine got married to his awesome gal over the weekend and rather than the traditional huge cake for everyone, they ordered up some pretty damn amazing cupcakes of various flavors. When I see those delicious mini cakes sitting in their paper cups topped with a little swirl of icing, makes me salivate just thinking about it... torture! It was delicious indulgent torture I tell you! But it was a fine wedding for two great people that I'm grateful to have come to know over the last couple years. Onwards...


 News about Jurassic Park 4 getting underway soon has been pretty slim and scanty... that is until the last couple days! Thanks to the good folks at JoBlo we have a story breakdown of the plot! Supposedly that is, I think this is all rumor myself. In a nutshell, the park in the first film has been completed for some time and is now fully functional, operational, and sees millions of guests come and go without incident. Fan favorite T-Rex's and Raptors have been tamed and are part of the show. There is also a SeaWorld type attraction featuring a giant aquatic dinosaur that leaps out of the water and eats Great White Sharks like a dolphin eats a fish! When a super smart new unnamed Dino decides now is the time to break out, all hell inevitably breaks loose! This actually could be a hell of a lot of fun. Since they're actually going to shoot this sucker in native 3D, it could be a pretty great show. One trick though... you break down the plot, subtract dinosaurs, add gigantic great white shark and you have Jaws 3D. 

 Notice that the shark farts at the beginning of the clip?

They're not scared of the shark, they just realized what movie they're in.
Go one step further, replace dinosaurs with The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and you get Revenge of the Creature! 

 Creature wants to know who flushed him when he was just a small fish.

Perfect place for a net! SeaWorld's diabolical plot to ensnare children is revealed1

Creature HATES milkmen, he kills a lot of them in this picture.

Funny part of this is all of these movies are produced by Universal Studios! So I guess every 30 years they decide to recycle this plot... and in 3D! This actually makes me smile quite a bit. This prehistoric SeaWorld epic is due to go before cameras by the end of the year for a summer 2015 release. Fingers crossed it's more like the first one...and not the two fairly bad sequels!
And you thought you were having a bad day!

Happy Birthday!

 After getting kicked in the eyeball, you'd be pissed too!

Wow... that was a lot of Gifs... sorry, but I had a lot of fun! Onwards!


Well a little stir cropped up over the weekend with HitFix reporting to have gotten a hold of a supposed treatment of an early story draft for Man of Steel. Well this whole thing seems to be nothing but a nice bit of fanfiction. I included the link above just for the curious. It seems that this bit of story sucked in only the people eager for a better movie than they got. Others that loved MoS seemed to disregard it. Myself, I was kinda into it until they go to the bits about Zod essentially not coming into the show until the third act and Lex Luthor getting shoved in at the end like the Joker in Batman Begins; so it seemed a little bogus to me.

But better than that is my trailer Mash-up in case you didn't catch it Friday afternoon!

With that... I am off to see World War Z. I'll be getting my review up on Flick Show Ticket later today or early tomorrow. If I had to place a bet on how good this movie is, I would say it's probably going to be a

fill in the blank... 

but before I let you go...




Yes, yes, drink it in! Remember... he's a mathematician!

Hope that made your Monday a little bit better!

Until tomorrow Dear Readers, remember to seek medical attention if you have been exposed to improperly disposed of radioactive waste. While there is a chance it might blind you, there is no guarantee that you gain super sonar powers like Dare Devil, that's a one in a million shot, you're more likely to end up looking like The Toxic Avenger.

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