Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday 6/25

Tuesday...why does it have to be Tuesday?

Ever wake up from a dream and think that you're still dreaming but you know you're awake so you get out of bed and then you go through your entire daily morning routine, feed the cats, make tea, use the private facilities, read internet trash, get dressed and then wake up and realize everything you just did to start your day was a dream and you have to do it all over again? Yeah that's what my morning's been like. Even as I type this I ask myself, "Didn't I already write this sentence before?" It is going to be a long... long day. Anyway, moving along...

Another Sad Day...

Before we get going, I would be amiss if I didn't take a moment to show some appreciation towards the passing of a legend in the science fiction community; Richard Matheson died Sunday at the age of 87. If you don't know who the man was, you surely know his work and the legacy he left behind. In addition to writing 16 episodes of the original Twilight Zone series, he is also responsible for one of the greatest episodes of Star Trek: The Enemy Within you might know it as the episode where during a transporter malfunction; Kirk's personality is split in two, one good and one bad. However you remember it, it is still one of the best episodes. He is also responsible for some fantastic films that he either wrote himself or were based on his works; The Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Last Man on Earth, I Am Legend, The Omega Man, Stir of Echos, The Box, Real Steel, Jaws 3D, and What Dreams May Come. Adios to one of the greats, the art form of story structure and suspense has lost one of its grand champions. While he may be missed, his influences will live on.

To be straight up honest, the small child that lives deep inside me and controls everything that I do is jumping for joy about Pacific Rim! And now we have a new trailer to enjoy! So lets grab an extra cup of coffee and enjoy this beast together!

This movie comes out one week too early for me to enjoy it on my birthday, but that said July 12th needs to hurry it's slow ass up and get here already! I need a good movie damn it! Gigantic Robot Guys fighting Gigantic Monsters is one of my earliest childhood memories with the Chinese Chop Socky Classic Super Inframan. If you haven't heard of this one, that's okay, it more or less lives at the bottom of the Shaw Brother's trash barrel. It was a low rent knock off of the Japanese show Ultraman, but it was a part of my cinematic diet for years!

 Yeah... notice the stolen Superman symbol to hammer home the idea that he was "SUPER" this of course was not the international poster that made it to US shores but you get the idea. and now... GIFS! Awesome wonderful cheesy GIFS!

Yes... for whatever reason he does 3 backflips before he can fly!

Suck it Power Rangers! This is the good stuff!

Still love this movie, going to have to do an edition of Movie Kid Memories on it one of these days. Moving along now...


While it would seem that everyone's favorite middle aged action star would jump at the chance to punch something on screen, he apparently was hesitant about signing up for Taken 3. The first movie was pretty good, the second was the first movie in Turkey so I could understand why go to awesome guy Liam was hesitant. But apparently the guarantee of a $20million paycheck plus backends on the profits has warmed his heart to the idea of hitting more random European gangsters. Heck, since both series are produced by 20th Century Fox, they should team Liam with Bruce Willis and have a Die Hard/Taken movie! Then if we get Arnold to reprise his role from Commando, and if we get Stallone's John Rambo out of retirement - we could have the 80's action movies equivalent of The Avengers - But with older guys...wait... I guess that's what The Expendables movies already are. Damn, and I thought I was being original here. But then again I'm writing about Taken 3... originality went out the door a long time ago. Personally, I'd rather see a sequel to the A-Team, I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would, of course I was post surgery so I could have been watching anything and thought it was good, even Sex and the City 2. Skipping to the end...


Yesterday, I caught a screening of World War Z, yes I know you're disappointed in me, but it was a "zombie" movie and I had to see it! I had to! Perhaps the best moment of the movie came in the trailers... no I'm not being a cynical shit head, the trailers were that good or that much better than that movie however you want to look at it. One stand out was a movie that just so happens to open on my birthday; The Conjuring! See trailer for yourself:

Like any good horror movie, it is of course supposedly based on real events, but that's not what interests me. I just dig the 70's vibe. I like that they're using antiquated recording and film equipment. It's a nice throwback to yesteryear.  It could also have been effective because like the time I saw the Director's Cut of The Exorcist in theaters; I was the ONLY person in the gigantic 300 seat theater! So while watching it now, safe, on your little work or laptop computer screen you might say this doesn't look all that scary and is in fact quite lame, and you might be right, but tonight when you're home, turn out all the lights, set the quality to high and blow it up to full screen and then tell me it wasn't creepy! If you can do that then I am a wuss. Either way it makes me want to look up the real people and learn more about them. Directed by James "I am responsible for Saw" Wan, it looks to be pretty creepy stuff and I hope I enjoy it...I hope...


Honestly, I am trying VERY hard to wind down any and all coverage of the latest Superman movie Man of Steel, but this, this I can't help but post up. As a movie score hound, I appreciate the level of coverage this soundtrack is getting. Here is a fascinating behind the scenes video of just the percussion sessions with 12 of the world's greatest drummers! Watch and enjoy!

That is all I have for you this fine day. I'll have my World War Z Review up shortly. Until then thanks for reading! And remember Dear Readers, if you start growing a second head, don't get it amputated, go with it, feed it, nurture it, let it grow - after all, two heads are better than one!

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