Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ToyAddiction Repost


Are you a toy addict like myself? Are you a movie and comic book fan? If you're all of the above, then you're probably aware that this is a both glorious and extremely difficult time for toys. Not that the toys suck, no, the toys are TOO DAMN AWESOME for their own good! This probably won't be a weekly post, but I will update it as often as I can whenever cool stuff gets announced or if I happen get my sticky paws on something really cool.

As such, new toys based on the coolest licenses are constantly being released at a rate my wallet can't keep up with! Case in point are the numerous releases from the good folks at Hot Toys. They constantly release top shelf toys that while are quite expensive, are in fact worth EVERY PENNY. Their latest effort is the metallic behemoth RoboCop! Take a look and try not to drool on your screen, that stuff stains...

 Love it! LOVE it! LOVE IT!!!!! And I am totally bummed it doesn't get released until February 2014! The small child that lives inside me is scratching at his skin needing his toy fix! Head on over to Sideshow Toys to preorder your very own man of the law. Wile $300 bucks is nothing to sneeze at, these figures are some of the very best you can let your greasy little fingers touch. This bad boy stands just over 12 inches tall and comes with interchangeable hands, battle damaged chest plate and helmet. Sadly not included in this release is a Peter Weller headsculpt... I know, I'm disappointed too. Apparently they're saving that for a later release, but who's to say what that one will look like in the end. One thing I DON'T like about Hot Toys is how they flood the market with a single character, see all of the different Iron Man's available. With that, you're going to have to weigh the pros and cons of ordering this guy yourself. I intend to, I'm going to hold out as long as I can in case they announce anything else that's cool this year, but I'm 90% certain this guy will be lining my shelf in the very near future. And if you're on the fence about any of their figures, their payment options at SideshowToys are really easy and no interest is added to the final price. If you need any more convincing check out who is also going to be available with Robo...


You have 15 seconds to comply... you are now authorized to sell your first born child to afford this figure. You now have 10 seconds to comply.

At $409.99 my wallet is having a hard enough time breathing as it is, so I better not choke it to death with this guy, but HOW FREAKING COOL is that? again Sixth Scale so ED and Robo can duke it out just like in the movie! Or you can do like what I do and just pose them really cool like on a shelf and never EVER touch them for fear they fall and break causing you to cry into your cereal bowl for the next month. If you need more convincing how cool these guys are, I'll show you what I've got already lining my shelf:

If you love movie-accurate figures as much as I do... it DOESN'T get much better than this! I fully intend to take better, more arty pictures in the near future, I've been wanting to recreate the comic of Batman VS Predator - and now I can! So long for now fine folks, keep reading and I'll keep posting!
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