Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday 7/4

...AKA: Lets Shoot Fireworks and Eat A Lot Day!

inject some F.L.A.G. and celebrate your Freedom!
Hope everyone has got a great holiday lined up for themselves. Some swimming, maybe a little BBQ, or you can call for pizza, that's pretty American of you to do too. Don't forget to go to the Movies! We've got The Lone Ranger which I have heard nothing but bad things about. I'll be seeing White House Down with my wife because we like our bad movies watchable. Chances are I'll catch Lone Ranger this weekend but the tales I've heard of people walking out of the theater from people who never leave...isn't boding well for it. If you got kids or are a kid at heart, I'm hearing nothing but great things about Despicable Me 2. Onwards for more news!

Nothing Says America Quite Like a Little Bit of Porn...
not really... couldn't think of a better intro

Alrighty there folks, we have ourselves the first trailer for Lovelace, the indie biopic about Linda Lovelace, the infamous star of 70's iconic porn film Deep Throat. This has got a fantastic Boogie Nights vibe going for it and actually looks interesting. Fair warning for this trailer - no, there is no nudity - the trailer looks to give away about 90% of the movie so stop it about half way if you want to have anything left to see when it drops to theaters.


Apparently there was a rumor floating around that the cast for 50 Shades of Grey would be announced at the San Diego Comic Con in 2 weeks. Okay, I get it that the Nation's largest Comic Convention has been essentially hijacked by Hollywood to showcase their slate of upcoming action, sci-fi, and comic book related movies. But 50 Shades of Grey? Really? While there isn't going to be a cast's got me bristling at the idea the movie will even have a presence.


Any fans of The Crow out there? The original comic and the Brandon Lee film were major influences on me as an angst-ridden teenager. I caught the film on my birthday and quickly bought the complete graphic novel. Over the years I have moved from VHS, to DVD, to Blu-ray with my home video collection and I have also managed to scrounge up near mint condition 1st prints of the original run of the comic from Caliber Press. I also have numerous comics and parfinalia signed by Crow creator J.O. Barr himself. With that, any news of a new movie project is actually a welcome thing. The sequels to the original Crow film never measured up in my eyes, so word that J.O. Barr will be on the panel discussion for the new reboot film and acting as a consultant for the production is pretty damn exciting! Nice! Considering the original film blazed it's own trail and the sequels were pretty wretched, it's really awesome to hear they're bringing in Barr to make sure the story measures up. Fingers crossed it stays good.

Being the 4th, there just isn't much news that's fit to print. SO to be patriotic... here are some Captain America GIFs. No... not that Captain America... The 70's Reb Brown Captain America. The one. The only. The REAL Captain America!

If you want a copy of this piece of 70's cheese, zip on over to Amazon! At only $8 for 2 TV movies, it's totally worth it!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! Be good. Eat lots, drink less. And with that, remember Dear Readers, if you're out fishing this holiday and accidentally hook your lip, don't take it out, go with it. It might be a good look for you and engender yourself with the young folk. Who knows they might just think you're cool! It's important to be cool with the kids these days. 

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