Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday 7/5

Friday...Oy I Wish This Was A Long Weekend

How's everyone doing today? Not too hung over? No fingers, toes, or limbs missing from an errant firework explosion? Good! My wife and I however, sadly slept through this years show. Sad I know. We went to take a nap and by the time we got up it was already rolling and we just could not muster the willpower to get out of bed we listened to it! And it sounded amazing! With that I hope no one had an experience like San Diego did last year:



Box office report for July Fourth is up and it looks great if you're Universal Pictures, pretty much in following with the Rotten Tomatoes Scorecard, Despicable Me 2 is cleaning up, taking in over $35million in it's opening. I haven't seen the first one, but those damn minions look charming as hell and I have to admit to being interested in catching this one at some point. On the other hand... you have The Lone Ranger, it looks like Disney is really taking it on the chin with this one. It scarcely cleared $9million...against a $250million estimated budget, ouch. Granted this is only first day earnings, but yeah that kind of sucks. Disney seems to have a problem with these kind of tent-pole movies each year. John Carter, Prince of Persia, they're all trying way to hard to replicate the Pirates magic and are failing terribly at it. They also seem to forget... the Pirates Sequels all kind of suck, I didn't even finish number 4. I'll defend John Carter for at least trying, even if it was horribly edited and could have used a lot more production prep, but Lone Ranger is proving to be another huge loss for the Mouse House. Maybe they should be focusing on good characters and story instead of overly long and elaborate action sequences that go nowhere? Just a thought.  Good thing they have Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar to keep them afloat. Normally that kind of a flop costs someone on the business side their job.

moving along now...

Now You Can Have Your Very Own Russel Crowe!

That's right ladies and gents, you can order your very own 6th scale Gladiator! Well... not Gladiator... Jor-El actually. Straight from the new Superman movie Man of Steel we get our favorite Australian actor in all his Kryptonian glory, click for larger images:

This one looks pretty damn good actually! Actually makes me wish they'd make a figure for Maximus from Gladiator! Still though, if you're a fan of the movie this one is pretty solid. No where near as beefy looking as the one they're releasing for Superman. Still, there are only a few hand changes to be had on top of some kind of Krypton rifle, which is cool and all, but I was kind of hoping for the Krypton Battle Armor with it. Knowing how Hot Toys works though... that'll probably be the next figure, cus you can't have just one of these you have to have a dozen different ones - like their entire Iron Man line! If you want to see more pics, zip on over to Hot Toys Website and view for yourself.

If You Like Your Movies Good & Creepy...

This might be the movie for you...Frozen Ground staring Nicholas Cage and John Cusack follows the true story around the apprehension of serial killer Robert Hanson in 1984. I only have a passing knowledge of the guy, he lived in Alaska, would abduct women and would set them loose so he could actually "hunt" them. Kinda sick and creepy, but then I enjoy Hannibal Lecter movies and the new show on NBC... My hope is that we get a decent movie out of Cage. I've been rooting for a solid comeback from that guy and I'm up for checking out the usually nice Cusack go bad. However... this has a feel of Christopher Nolan's Insomnia that I can't quite shake. Here is the UK trailer for your enjoyment... the film opens stateside late August.

Happier Movie Trailer!!!

I didn't want to leave you on a downer so here is something a little more fun, the international trailer for  Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2! I really enjoyed the first movie, and this one looks pretty damn fun too.

oy... after watching that... I hope I'm around one of my nieces when this thing comes out. I'm starting to need an excuse to go to all these kids movies. I gotta stop openly admitting I like kids movies. Makes me sound weird. Especially when you consider the fact that I'm also excited about a serial killer movie too...odd combination.

MORE Comic Con!

This is a quick one... apparently Sony Pictures will be bringing Amazing Spider-Man 2 and their RoboCop remake to the San Diego Con this year... so we're pretty much guaranteed the first preview teaser trailers to be released somewhere around that time. Fingers crossed they both don't suck. I wasn't a huge fan of Amazing Spider-Man and this RoboCop remake/reboot has got me slightly nervous but I still have hope it could turn out okay...after all anything is better than RoboCop 3

ONE Last Trailer!

Okay so this movie coming to the states in October - Gravity - features Clooney and Sandra Bullock stranded in space... I've seen this trailer a dozen times now, I've probably even posted it up here, but it gets my heart pounding every time I see it and I can't wait to give the final movie a look. Why I'm bringing it up is it happens to open the Venice Film Fest. That position usually rests for movies that are big productions that aren't really up for competition - however, we should start getting our first reviews of the move. Written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron - I've been waiting for a new movie from this guy since Children of Men so I have really high hopes for this one. Here's to hope it's good!
enjoy the trailer:

With that I will leave you until Monday! Be good out there, have a great and restful weekend. And remember Dear Readers, if it burns when you pee, chances are pretty good you're holding the scented candle too close.
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