Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whoa! Too Much Time Goes By!

So This Is My First Pic On My Macbook Webcam?

Ever get that notion that you're going to set yourself a goal, only to have 20 days pass unnoticed before you realize you have done squat towards achieving that goal? Life is funny that way. The little distractions come along and all of a sudden you're staring down the end of a month. Well needless to say, after promising to be back, I am BACK! Hopefully this time it will be for real.

What's been happening? Not a whole hell of a lot, but then if you were to actually chronical what has actually happened in the last 20 odd some days since my last post, you'd say a whole crap ton has gone on!

But to keep things going I will give you the brief version. My work is awesome, I love what I do, just hope that very soon I will get to be doing more of it on a more regular base. However, in the mean time, I am working on a few different projects that I am very excited about and I will go into detail... right now!

First, I am starting a series of film guidebooks under the headline "Mr. Hartman's Guide To..." and you can fill in the blank to whatever you want at the end. The first book I am working on should be of little surprise to anyone since I am a 3D movie nut, it is a guide to 3D Blu-rays! Don't have a 3D TV or blu-ray player? No big deal, the reviews of the movies I'm going to cover aught to be entertaining in the their own right. AND rather than a traditional "star," "grade," or "point" system, I will be measuring the quality of the movies, and the 3D imagery in "beards!" Why beards? Well I have a beard(sort of) and it sounds funny. This way a half a beard could be like "5 O'clock Shadow" or something like that. Either way - hope it will be fun to be had by all.

NEXT: I am actually helping my troublesome cat Basil write his autobiography titled "The Shits I Don't Give." Actually he's not going to be writing it so much as myself, but he is the inspiration. I'm doing this because I think memoirs are all but a bit too stiff and I've always wanted to write a "fake" one. Not like "A Million Little Pieces" fake but more along the lines that the perspective of the writer is fake. Once you read it and understand that Basil can be an extreme pain in the butt(sometimes literally), you'll understand why the idea of writing his autobiography could be so damn funny as well as cathartic since his antics destroy property, waste water, ruins toilet paper, causes physical pain, and keeps myself and Mary up all night - I kinda need the raging outlet!

Bet you thought I'd weigh in on the Oscars didn't you? Well I haven't forgotten, but more to it, I just don't really care this year. SHOCKING I know! But it's true. All the movies that are up for best picture are perfectly good and made for great entertainment, although I have not yet seen 12 Years a Slave, they are however, very safe and uninteresting nominations. Pretty expected all the way around. You can pretty clearly guess who is going to win the acting awards right down the line. Just no surprises at all really and I guess this is in part because Hollywood is playing things so damn straight and safe all the way around. There aren't a whole lot of challenging movies or ones that are all that innovative. Granted, Gravity was pretty damn amazing all the way around from the technical side to the performances, everything else all looks like it was rubber stamped "Grade A Oscar Bait." I guess I'm also entering a phase where I just more interested in creating rather than consuming. That isn't to say I'm not watching movies or new episodes of Justified, I am, just not with the fervor I once was.

That's basically it for today. Sorry if this is more like a journal or "Dear Diary" entry than an actual blog post, but there it is! Go slow out there, and for those of you getting blasted by another bout of arctic air, stay warm!