Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday 6/29

It's Saturday, And I should still be Sleeping

What did you say about my hair?

If you need something great to do in the Denver area tonight, head on over to The Esquire Theater! Tonight's Midnight Madness Movie event is the "classic" buddy-cop action movie Samurai Cop. It's insane! It's awesome! It's terrible in all the best ways! Caught the Friday night showing, and you can enjoy my review on Flick Show Ticket. If you can't make it to this show, here is the full slate of upcoming Midnight Movies they have scheduled into August:

Jun 28 & 29: Samurai Cop, you have the right to remain silent... dead silent!
Jul 5 & 6: Escape From New York, breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane!
Jul 12 & 13: Raiders of the Lost Ark, directed by Steven Spielberg.
Sat, Jul 13: The Room, "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!"
Jul 19 & 20: Aliens, directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver.
Fri, Jul 26: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with Live Shadow Cast Colorado's Elusive Ingredient!
Jul 26 & 27: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, makes Ben Hur look like an epic!
Aug 2 & 3: A Clockwork Orange, directed by Stanley Kubrick.
Aug 9 & 10: The Room, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero In Person! Special Event Tickets $15!

The Room is always worth it, however the slate of cult classics and great movies they have on deck is outstanding so make sure you can see as many as you can! 

With that, Dear Readers, if you're ever camping in the woods and a crazed killer pops out at you with a machete wearing a hockey mask, you don't have to run, you can walk to the nearest exit. If you run, you risk the cliche of falling down and breaking your leg allowing said maniac to catch up to you and dismember you at his(or her) leisure.  See you Monday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

LATE Friday Mystery Post


The picture I am posting below is ONLY the edits for the music bed for my next trailer...

First person that can guess what trailer I took this from to replicate wins a prize! What's the prize? Well probably not much more than my sincere admiration. This should be an easy guess though, I left the names of the songs in the edits... I just want everyone to see the effort that goes into one of these videos! Place your guess in the comment section below!

Have a great and wonderful weekend ladies and gents, and small children alike. Try not to hurt yourselves by eating too many hot pockets during a MMORPG marathon.

Friday 6/28

It's Friday! About Damn Time Right Folks?

TGIF! Long week for a lot of people it seems. It's been extremely hot here in Denver, and then my home town of Ann Arbor Michigan is flooding! Talk about living on the two ends of the weather spectrum! So if you're boiling out there, try and stay cool, and if you're water logged, I hope you're high and dry and no damage done. I feel this is an appropriate item to bring a little cheer into your day:
there now, don't you feel better?

It's going to have to be a quick day today, I've got quite a lot to get through. I caught Monsters University yesterday, and in a nut shell this is about how I felt about it:
In grand Pixar fashion, it does not fail to entertain! Shortly I will have my review up on Flick Show Ticket. But to make today even more interesting for you fine folks I will be putting up my review of the 3D Blu-Ray for Monsters Inc. onto Into The 3rd Dimension as well! So if you're a fan of Sully and Mike, you're not going to want to miss those! In case you missed it yesterday, here is my review for Joss Whedon's adaptation for Much Ado About Nothing. Moving along...

In case you missed it, the first trailer for Escape Plan came out! What is Escape Plan? Well it has Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone as two convicts attempting to break out of the prison. Stallone happens to be innocently sent to the "worst place on earth" while Arnold is the prison heavy no one screws with. Also Jim "Jesus" Caviezel is along for the ride as the corrupt warden. Check out the trailer to see the macho shenanigans for yourself! 

It looks like a high octane version of Sneakers meets Stallone's own 80's "classic" Lockdown, which oddly enough, works for me! This is the kind of movie these guys made 25 years ago when I was a kid and wasn't allowed to see these movies in theaters without being accompanied by a parent. Stallone looks to be in fine form, and it's a nice departure from the Expendables movies. And I dig the beard on Ah-Nuld. He's got the right amount of grizzle going to make me believe he's been locked up for a while and would do just about anything it takes to get out. Plus, no one can deliver a line like "If I don't get out of here, I'm going to kill you." quite like the Austrian Oak. It's really nice to see him getting comfortable with doing what he always did best. And after his recent The Last Stand, I will be giving this one a shot!


Terminator 5 or whatever the hell they're going to call it, is a go! I know I reported about this earlier, but hey, nothing is a go in Hollywood until there is a premature release date given. For T5, producing studio Paramount has determined that great day is June 26th 2015! According to the press release, this is going to be the first part of a new "reboot" trilogy of movies. Yeah, you read that right, this should have little to no connective tissue to the past events of the previous 4 Terminator films. Which is good by me, considering how T3 and Terminator Salvation turned out. What concerns me more is the level of involvement Arnold S is going to have going forward. The guy isn't getting younger. In recent efforts on screen he's proven he's still got the chops for the grunt work of being the neigh-indestructible death machine, but if this is the first of a trilogy that doesn't get released for 2 more years, I gotta wonder if Arnold's legs will hold out. Arnold will be nearly 68 years old when this new movie is even released in theaters. Can't help but be impressed by the guy's enthusiasm.

God I talk about those two guys a lot... I must be a child of the 80's. Moving along now... 


I wish I was kidding when I say this... Sony... is going to make... a Captain Planet movie. I know right? Earth! Air! Fire! Water! WTF Captain Planet? I guess they didn't see this video from Funny or Die, which you can watch here: for some reason they turned off embedding on this video... I am so sorry you have to navigate away from my page... I know it hurts to leave but you can come back when you're done! I'll still be here! This could be a complete disaster of a movie, unless of course they're in on the joke and they're going to "Anchorman" it and just make it an absurd comedy. I'd be all for that. Even as a kid, I could never get into that cartoon. I think I only ever watched it because it was slung in between two awesome shows like Ninja Turtles and something more entertaining. I think I watched a lot of Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers back then... why don't they turn that into a movie?

That's it for today ladies and germs, Like I mentioned before I got to get to work on my reviews for Monsters University and the 3D Blu-ray of Monsters Inc. so expect those very shortly. ON TOP of all that, Im catching a midnight screening of Samurai Cop so expect a rare weekend Flick Show Ticket review of that. PLUS - I have my next trailer mash-up to's going to be epic...EPIC I TELL YOU! Until Monday Dear Readers, remember if you want to be dependable you gotta wear Depends. Sure it might seem odd wearing adult diapers, but think about Batman and Superman... You've never seen them leave a fight that determines the fate of all humanity to go use the men's room, have you? Be like Superman and Batman, stay Dependable!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday 6/27

Thursday, The Day That Thinks it's as Cool as Friday But isn't

Morning good folks! My cat has decided in recent days that he is an opera singer. He's quite good really, his vibrato has real power and he commands the full registers of baritone and soprano. It's really quite impressive actually. In reality he sounds more like Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips. Which is fine, I just wish that he didn't feel like 5:00 in the morning was an appropriate time for rehearsals...with that, if there are an abundance of misspelled words or odd turns of phrase that don't make a lick of sense in today's post... now you know why.
sorry to do that to you, but misery loves company...


 ALLLLLrighty then... It seems in addition to The Dark Knight Trilogy that is already in stores, there is another deluxe set in the works for Christopher Nolan's seminal trilogy of Bat least in Europe. (UPDATED) fixed the dead pictures, Not sure what happened there.

not bad... not bad... but I hope there is a version without all the extras, I just want quality versions of the movies!

Well hello mister fancy pants! Pictures are from /Film so if you're so inclined, you can get the full juice over there. But in a nutshell, it looks to be a NINE disc set, at least maybe that's the DVD edition, not the blu-ray? Either way you slice it, there looks to be a new set of the films conveniently timed to coincide with the home video release of Man of Steel. At least that's my bet. Why sell one Nolan movie when you could sell FOUR? THERE are absolutely NO details about special features and what not. It looks like the only really NEW thing worth getting are the miniature BAT-Vehicles that have appeared throughout the films. I love toys as  much as the next immature adult, but unless they give Batman Begins a full remaster, this will be a pass for me. It's the worst kind of double dip when they do nothing to improve the actual film watching experience and distract you with trinkets of deceit. Moving along...


 That's right dear readers, it seems that the FX channel has got it in their heads to do a limited series i.e. mini series of the James Fenimore Cooper classic novel The Last of the Mohicans. Will Daniel D get to break out his minimalist running shoes and zip through the woods while hunting Elk? Probably not. But, given that the 1992 movie was wildly divergent from the book in terms of pace, story structure, and what characters actually survive the adventure, this little opus might be worth taking a look at. Interestingly Chris Crowe who co-wrote the original 1992 adventure film has been tapped to co-write this one as well. Now if they could license that original score, I would be a happy, happy man! As it sits, no word on who is taking up the mantle of Hawkeye or any of the other characters, nor is there anyone attached to direct. I hope this project stays alive, no matter what occurs! No matter how long the pre-production takes, no matter how big a budget, I will watch it! I gotta tip my hat to FX for being willing to aggressively pursue top flight original content. Justified is one of my all time favorite shows, I caught a few episodes of The Americans and dug that, and American Horror Story is genuinely a creepy show, so I have high hopes for this one. Onward!


OMG! OMG! Did you hear! Did you hear! OMG! Marvel wants to talk... to Vin Diesel! Doesn't that just blow your hair back! I mean, they...want to talk... to Vin Diesel!... Why is the internet world going apeshit about this? I have no damn clue. Really!?! That's it. Rumors are running amok that he's going to be the villain in Avengers 2, maybe he's going to be the villain in Avengers 3! Maybe they just want to take the guy out for a cup of coffee considering the successes he's had with Fast and Furious 6 and a new Riddick Movie coming up? But seriously, fellow nerds... cool your shit kids. Until they say he's replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or they're going to make him Black Panther or something, there is no news to report. I dig Vin, even though most of the movies he's been in have been kinda crap, he's always given it his all and there is an undeniable charm to the man and he would be a natural musclebound fit in the Marvel Universe, so I refuse to get excited about nothing until there is something. Skipping to the end...

Well not quite the end; but my wife handed me this one yesterday and because my internet was all kinds of jacked, I didn't see it until this morning. So if you need something funny that is ever so slightly political, check out The Running of the Interns! Be sure to turn the music all the way up!

Well that is about it for today ladies and gents. I caught a screening of the incredibly charming Joss Whedon adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing last night, so I will be getting to work on my Flick Show Ticket Review of that and should have it up by the afternoon! I am also going to attempt to get out and see Monsters University today too, so lots to do, less time to do it, I better get going now. So long, fair thee well, and remember Dear Readers, just because you don't use it, doesn't mean you're going to lose it, you gotta use that treadmill or expensive gym membership to burn the fat.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday 6/26

Wednesday...Or as I Know it as Too Pooped To Participate Day

I read a story last night before going to bed that a Knight Rider script is being written for a movie. So all night long I have been plagued by dreams of Hasselhof shirtless driving a car wearing little red shorts. They weren't dreams... they were nightmares! And Since I believe no one should suffer alone, I will slap you with the greatest earworm the world has ever come to know! 

Now whenever you write an email, say anything on the phone, talk your spouses or your relationship equivalent, you will have that song stuck in your head. You'll either go crazy, or you'll think you're cool, but only you will know it.

One quick point of order. As you may have noticed from the deluge of recent posts this morning, I am folding a couple of my smaller blog pages into The Mattedscreen. Going away will be LaserDisc Archive, Bad Movie Beating, and Toy Addiction. Why am I doing this? Well to be honest, when I was launching all of this I got a little too over zealous. Since I am plugging away at writing my novels and short stories on top of my blog, some of my special feature pages have started to suffer. So those pages I'm taking down, will live on, but will be folded into other pages like Flick Show Ticket, Movie Kid Memories or in the general news of this page. This is just a clutter reducer more than anything, so don't worry, you can still expect to get the same awesome content but now in a convenient easy to reach location!


As you may know... I am a huge action figure nut. I love em. I've been collecting them since He-Man figures were used to bribe me into potty training. From there it was Transformers, then Ninja Turtles and GI Joes. Skip ahead 20 some years and it is 6th scale movie accurate figures. They may be expensive but they are worth every cent! Since the recent release of Man of Steel, I have been itching to get a look at the world's first superhero in all his  12 inch glory. Well folks, today is the day we get our first look at Hot Toy's next big release(which probably wont ship until spring of next year):

There are a LOT more pictures on the Hot Toys Website that you can see for yourself. What do I think? Well... the face sculpt is okay... they've done better work in the past, and the suit looks pretty good if maybe a bit too beefy, and I think it's really cool they're giving away the Krypton USB drive from the movie with each order. My gripe is I know what they're going to charge for this. Usually these guys go north of $200 and given the license it's from, I would predict something in the range of $250+. That is kind of a lot for a basic figure with only the simple hand changes that virtually every figure gets. There isn't even an alternate head sculpt! or one where you could give him Heat Vision eyes or a angry face! Something! So... sadly... I'll probably skip this one and snag RoboCop instead.


"Pull my finger, I dare you!"

Remember I was recently bemoaning the fact that Ridley Scott may or may not take on Prometheus in addition to his other high profile projects? Well, I'm kind of eating a bit of crow after seeing the first trailer for his latest effort The Counselor.
If this movie turns out to be even half as good as it looks, I'd hope Scott can muster the same enthusiasm towards a good and proper followup to Prometheus. Scripted by Cormac McCarthy, writer of incredible works including No Country for Old Men, The Road, and Blood Meridian, concocted this thriller about a lawyer that gets in over his head with a pack of drug dealers. That's a pretty basic plot it sounds, but then all of Cormac's works sound "basic" at first, then you read them, then your head explodes from the awesomeness! Staring Michael "Young Magneto" Fassbender, this is a cast of whose who in Hollywood, from Brad Pitt, to Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, to a really pissed off looking Cameron Diaz. The preview doesn't give you a whole lot and thank the movie gods for that! I hate it when a trailer spills the plate of beans before dinner is served as they so often tend to do. This will be intense as hell and I can't wait to sit down in a dark theater and absorb this one! ...and yes that is an onset picture of Brad Pitt in this movie.


No... I am not talking about Catching Fire. At some point I'm sure I will have to bring that up, given that it's a sequel to The Hunger Games and all, but the game I'm talking about is Ender's Game! I am like 90% of the way through the book and I am loving every page of it. So naturally I am worried as hell about the movie. The first teaser kind of gave away a big twist in the book, it wasn't that much of a surprise to me, I'd kind of sussed it out early on, but for the sake of others, I will not post up that preview. What I will do is post you the incredible propaganda posters that were recently released!

Gotta say I am so STOKED when I see these posters! The propaganda element is pitch perfect for the book, and I hope they manage to incorporate some element into this film. Given how ambitious the book is for the tale it tells, I am worried about the condensed time frame they're going to have to work with. SO much happens in that book over the span of years. That said this marketing campaign reminds me a whole lot of a different Soldiers In Spaaaaace kind of movie:
           Yes... that is a Starship Troopers ad campaign from 1997! Wow... to think that movie is 15 years old freaks the hell out of me! But yeah, sadly this is the only one of the posters I could locate, I remember there being a whole lot of these saying "Join The Mobile Infantry" "The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug!" that sort of stuff. Hopefully, this will be the only comparison to be made to that ultra cheesefest.

Well that is it for today, I've gotten behind again on the novel and I have a lot of catchup work to do. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! I know you were excited for more GIFs but honestly I need to tone it down, I'm going to run out of creative references and then where would we be? GIFless that's where! With that, remember Dear Readers, reading a book in the bathroom is like banishing that book into exile from the rest of your collection. Once that book breaches the porcelain barrier, it can never come back. So, before you do your business, make sure you choose a title deserving of bathroom reading, there is no path back from that dark side.

LaserDisc Archive Repost

LaserDiscArchive Presents... 
           A Random Blog by MGH
Issue One:

  Before we get to the gist, you should know that I am a LaserDisc collecting fiend. Where did this love for antiquated analog video technology come from? Quite simply, as a small child I loved looking at the big record album sized discs at my local mom and pop video store. They had hundreds of the suckers and most of them were the things I loved the most and couldn't watch without an adult, horror movies. I would spend the time I was supposed to be looking for a VHS tape to rent browsing the ever increasing collection of video discs that promised unparalleled video and audio fidelity. In my later years I was lucky enough to locate a used LaserDisc player at a thrift store for $15 and that was all she wrote. My collection has grown exponentially ever since and is filled with a swath of movies of questionable artistic value, i.e. they're mostly bad 80's horror movies. Now that you know what you're in for on with RawHeadRex!

Loosely based on a short story and scripted by horror legend Clive Barker, RawHeadRex is pretty much one of the best bad movies you can be given the opportunity to enjoy in the comfort of your home! I'm quite certain someone could come up with a suitable drinking game to go along with this cheese filled gem from 1986. If you need a little context for it's place in history, this movie was so bad, and so poorly received it compelled Clive Barker to take control of his stories and properties and(for better or worse) direct the film adaptions of Hellraiser, Night Breed, and Lord of Illusions himself.

  Our tall tale begins with an American man(the late David Dukes) in Ireland researching religious sites for a book with his young family in tow. Conveniently they happen to time their arrival at a small isolated hamlet in time for a misguided local farmer to remove a gigantic phallic looking stone that has stood for hundreds of years from his field. This giant penis rock pointing proudly into the sky just so happened to be the only thing containing an ancient evil devil monster in his tomb! Still with me? Good, it gets better! After our title monster escapes his prison, he goes on a murderous rampage killing the random people that happen to cross his path. He can't really be considered much of a threat when you think about it. He's a devil with out a plan. What are his goals? To what end does killing a guy trying to snog his girlfriend in the forest make? Who knows. The movie certainly doesn't! And best of all, who cares? This movie is so ridiculously awesome if you concern yourself with plot, you'll hurt yourself.

  I will give credit to the cast involved, they do their best with what they've got. But that doesn't keep their over-the-top performances from making the show an unintentionally laughable experience. To make things worse, or more fun depending on your perspective, is the outright goofy look of the title beast. He's 8 feet tall wearing gigantic lift boots, has long greasy hair and his face is a big rubber mask with glowing red eyes that would even make Roger Corman giggle. Seriously, this movie is that wonderfully bad!

  Then you have my personal favorite character the town's Verger, Decklan played to the hilt by Ronan Wilmot whom after touching the church's altar becomes a loyal follower of the monster. I don't get it either folks, it doesn't make sense. That said, Decklan gets "Baptized" by RawHead when the monster pees on him... no joke. And Decklan couldn't be happier! His little cries of joy would make an excellent ironic ringtone for your phone! Since I am not one for spoilers, I won't tell you how it ends, but none the less it is just as goofy and hilarious as the rest of the movie. It's neigh impossible for me to pick a single favorite scene, there are just too many to choose from.

What makes watching this one on LaserDisc worth it? Well the soft nature of the analog video on the disc adds an extra level of charm to the feature. It's not clean, it's not pristine, but it still looks amazing for a disc that was minted in 1987. Coincidentally, this movie has so far made only ONE appearance on DVD here in the States. That disc released by Pioneer in 1999 used the very same transfer as this LaserDisc release without cleaning up the print and it horribly compressed the picture and audio making it look WORSE than it already did. If you own this one already, give it a whirl, or if you know someone that owns it, insist on having a movie night where you bring the beer if they'll play the movie! If you happen to come across it someplace at a decent price, do not hesitate to pick it up!

 Since clips are impossible to come by, I will leave you with the delightfully fun trailer! Enjoy! Thanks for reading, if you have any thoughts, comments, or fond memories of RawHeadRex leave them below!   

Here is some Original Custom Poster art by my good friend Jacob Rice
if you want more, let me know and I'll see if he's up for it!

ToyAddiction Repost


Are you a toy addict like myself? Are you a movie and comic book fan? If you're all of the above, then you're probably aware that this is a both glorious and extremely difficult time for toys. Not that the toys suck, no, the toys are TOO DAMN AWESOME for their own good! This probably won't be a weekly post, but I will update it as often as I can whenever cool stuff gets announced or if I happen get my sticky paws on something really cool.

As such, new toys based on the coolest licenses are constantly being released at a rate my wallet can't keep up with! Case in point are the numerous releases from the good folks at Hot Toys. They constantly release top shelf toys that while are quite expensive, are in fact worth EVERY PENNY. Their latest effort is the metallic behemoth RoboCop! Take a look and try not to drool on your screen, that stuff stains...

 Love it! LOVE it! LOVE IT!!!!! And I am totally bummed it doesn't get released until February 2014! The small child that lives inside me is scratching at his skin needing his toy fix! Head on over to Sideshow Toys to preorder your very own man of the law. Wile $300 bucks is nothing to sneeze at, these figures are some of the very best you can let your greasy little fingers touch. This bad boy stands just over 12 inches tall and comes with interchangeable hands, battle damaged chest plate and helmet. Sadly not included in this release is a Peter Weller headsculpt... I know, I'm disappointed too. Apparently they're saving that for a later release, but who's to say what that one will look like in the end. One thing I DON'T like about Hot Toys is how they flood the market with a single character, see all of the different Iron Man's available. With that, you're going to have to weigh the pros and cons of ordering this guy yourself. I intend to, I'm going to hold out as long as I can in case they announce anything else that's cool this year, but I'm 90% certain this guy will be lining my shelf in the very near future. And if you're on the fence about any of their figures, their payment options at SideshowToys are really easy and no interest is added to the final price. If you need any more convincing check out who is also going to be available with Robo...


You have 15 seconds to comply... you are now authorized to sell your first born child to afford this figure. You now have 10 seconds to comply.

At $409.99 my wallet is having a hard enough time breathing as it is, so I better not choke it to death with this guy, but HOW FREAKING COOL is that? again Sixth Scale so ED and Robo can duke it out just like in the movie! Or you can do like what I do and just pose them really cool like on a shelf and never EVER touch them for fear they fall and break causing you to cry into your cereal bowl for the next month. If you need more convincing how cool these guys are, I'll show you what I've got already lining my shelf:

If you love movie-accurate figures as much as I do... it DOESN'T get much better than this! I fully intend to take better, more arty pictures in the near future, I've been wanting to recreate the comic of Batman VS Predator - and now I can! So long for now fine folks, keep reading and I'll keep posting!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday 6/25

Tuesday...why does it have to be Tuesday?

Ever wake up from a dream and think that you're still dreaming but you know you're awake so you get out of bed and then you go through your entire daily morning routine, feed the cats, make tea, use the private facilities, read internet trash, get dressed and then wake up and realize everything you just did to start your day was a dream and you have to do it all over again? Yeah that's what my morning's been like. Even as I type this I ask myself, "Didn't I already write this sentence before?" It is going to be a long... long day. Anyway, moving along...

Another Sad Day...

Before we get going, I would be amiss if I didn't take a moment to show some appreciation towards the passing of a legend in the science fiction community; Richard Matheson died Sunday at the age of 87. If you don't know who the man was, you surely know his work and the legacy he left behind. In addition to writing 16 episodes of the original Twilight Zone series, he is also responsible for one of the greatest episodes of Star Trek: The Enemy Within you might know it as the episode where during a transporter malfunction; Kirk's personality is split in two, one good and one bad. However you remember it, it is still one of the best episodes. He is also responsible for some fantastic films that he either wrote himself or were based on his works; The Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Last Man on Earth, I Am Legend, The Omega Man, Stir of Echos, The Box, Real Steel, Jaws 3D, and What Dreams May Come. Adios to one of the greats, the art form of story structure and suspense has lost one of its grand champions. While he may be missed, his influences will live on.

To be straight up honest, the small child that lives deep inside me and controls everything that I do is jumping for joy about Pacific Rim! And now we have a new trailer to enjoy! So lets grab an extra cup of coffee and enjoy this beast together!

This movie comes out one week too early for me to enjoy it on my birthday, but that said July 12th needs to hurry it's slow ass up and get here already! I need a good movie damn it! Gigantic Robot Guys fighting Gigantic Monsters is one of my earliest childhood memories with the Chinese Chop Socky Classic Super Inframan. If you haven't heard of this one, that's okay, it more or less lives at the bottom of the Shaw Brother's trash barrel. It was a low rent knock off of the Japanese show Ultraman, but it was a part of my cinematic diet for years!

 Yeah... notice the stolen Superman symbol to hammer home the idea that he was "SUPER" this of course was not the international poster that made it to US shores but you get the idea. and now... GIFS! Awesome wonderful cheesy GIFS!

Yes... for whatever reason he does 3 backflips before he can fly!

Suck it Power Rangers! This is the good stuff!

Still love this movie, going to have to do an edition of Movie Kid Memories on it one of these days. Moving along now...


While it would seem that everyone's favorite middle aged action star would jump at the chance to punch something on screen, he apparently was hesitant about signing up for Taken 3. The first movie was pretty good, the second was the first movie in Turkey so I could understand why go to awesome guy Liam was hesitant. But apparently the guarantee of a $20million paycheck plus backends on the profits has warmed his heart to the idea of hitting more random European gangsters. Heck, since both series are produced by 20th Century Fox, they should team Liam with Bruce Willis and have a Die Hard/Taken movie! Then if we get Arnold to reprise his role from Commando, and if we get Stallone's John Rambo out of retirement - we could have the 80's action movies equivalent of The Avengers - But with older guys...wait... I guess that's what The Expendables movies already are. Damn, and I thought I was being original here. But then again I'm writing about Taken 3... originality went out the door a long time ago. Personally, I'd rather see a sequel to the A-Team, I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would, of course I was post surgery so I could have been watching anything and thought it was good, even Sex and the City 2. Skipping to the end...


Yesterday, I caught a screening of World War Z, yes I know you're disappointed in me, but it was a "zombie" movie and I had to see it! I had to! Perhaps the best moment of the movie came in the trailers... no I'm not being a cynical shit head, the trailers were that good or that much better than that movie however you want to look at it. One stand out was a movie that just so happens to open on my birthday; The Conjuring! See trailer for yourself:

Like any good horror movie, it is of course supposedly based on real events, but that's not what interests me. I just dig the 70's vibe. I like that they're using antiquated recording and film equipment. It's a nice throwback to yesteryear.  It could also have been effective because like the time I saw the Director's Cut of The Exorcist in theaters; I was the ONLY person in the gigantic 300 seat theater! So while watching it now, safe, on your little work or laptop computer screen you might say this doesn't look all that scary and is in fact quite lame, and you might be right, but tonight when you're home, turn out all the lights, set the quality to high and blow it up to full screen and then tell me it wasn't creepy! If you can do that then I am a wuss. Either way it makes me want to look up the real people and learn more about them. Directed by James "I am responsible for Saw" Wan, it looks to be pretty creepy stuff and I hope I enjoy it...I hope...


Honestly, I am trying VERY hard to wind down any and all coverage of the latest Superman movie Man of Steel, but this, this I can't help but post up. As a movie score hound, I appreciate the level of coverage this soundtrack is getting. Here is a fascinating behind the scenes video of just the percussion sessions with 12 of the world's greatest drummers! Watch and enjoy!

That is all I have for you this fine day. I'll have my World War Z Review up shortly. Until then thanks for reading! And remember Dear Readers, if you start growing a second head, don't get it amputated, go with it, feed it, nurture it, let it grow - after all, two heads are better than one!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday... A.K.A. "I Don't Wanna Get Out Of Bed"

As someone that has struggled to maintain a healthy weight, I look at cupcakes like Dean Martin looks at whiskey in Rio Bravo:
A good friend of mine got married to his awesome gal over the weekend and rather than the traditional huge cake for everyone, they ordered up some pretty damn amazing cupcakes of various flavors. When I see those delicious mini cakes sitting in their paper cups topped with a little swirl of icing, makes me salivate just thinking about it... torture! It was delicious indulgent torture I tell you! But it was a fine wedding for two great people that I'm grateful to have come to know over the last couple years. Onwards...


 News about Jurassic Park 4 getting underway soon has been pretty slim and scanty... that is until the last couple days! Thanks to the good folks at JoBlo we have a story breakdown of the plot! Supposedly that is, I think this is all rumor myself. In a nutshell, the park in the first film has been completed for some time and is now fully functional, operational, and sees millions of guests come and go without incident. Fan favorite T-Rex's and Raptors have been tamed and are part of the show. There is also a SeaWorld type attraction featuring a giant aquatic dinosaur that leaps out of the water and eats Great White Sharks like a dolphin eats a fish! When a super smart new unnamed Dino decides now is the time to break out, all hell inevitably breaks loose! This actually could be a hell of a lot of fun. Since they're actually going to shoot this sucker in native 3D, it could be a pretty great show. One trick though... you break down the plot, subtract dinosaurs, add gigantic great white shark and you have Jaws 3D. 

 Notice that the shark farts at the beginning of the clip?

They're not scared of the shark, they just realized what movie they're in.
Go one step further, replace dinosaurs with The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and you get Revenge of the Creature! 

 Creature wants to know who flushed him when he was just a small fish.

Perfect place for a net! SeaWorld's diabolical plot to ensnare children is revealed1

Creature HATES milkmen, he kills a lot of them in this picture.

Funny part of this is all of these movies are produced by Universal Studios! So I guess every 30 years they decide to recycle this plot... and in 3D! This actually makes me smile quite a bit. This prehistoric SeaWorld epic is due to go before cameras by the end of the year for a summer 2015 release. Fingers crossed it's more like the first one...and not the two fairly bad sequels!
And you thought you were having a bad day!

Happy Birthday!

 After getting kicked in the eyeball, you'd be pissed too!

Wow... that was a lot of Gifs... sorry, but I had a lot of fun! Onwards!


Well a little stir cropped up over the weekend with HitFix reporting to have gotten a hold of a supposed treatment of an early story draft for Man of Steel. Well this whole thing seems to be nothing but a nice bit of fanfiction. I included the link above just for the curious. It seems that this bit of story sucked in only the people eager for a better movie than they got. Others that loved MoS seemed to disregard it. Myself, I was kinda into it until they go to the bits about Zod essentially not coming into the show until the third act and Lex Luthor getting shoved in at the end like the Joker in Batman Begins; so it seemed a little bogus to me.

But better than that is my trailer Mash-up in case you didn't catch it Friday afternoon!

With that... I am off to see World War Z. I'll be getting my review up on Flick Show Ticket later today or early tomorrow. If I had to place a bet on how good this movie is, I would say it's probably going to be a

fill in the blank... 

but before I let you go...




Yes, yes, drink it in! Remember... he's a mathematician!

Hope that made your Monday a little bit better!

Until tomorrow Dear Readers, remember to seek medical attention if you have been exposed to improperly disposed of radioactive waste. While there is a chance it might blind you, there is no guarantee that you gain super sonar powers like Dare Devil, that's a one in a million shot, you're more likely to end up looking like The Toxic Avenger.