Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday 6/26

Wednesday...Or as I Know it as Too Pooped To Participate Day

I read a story last night before going to bed that a Knight Rider script is being written for a movie. So all night long I have been plagued by dreams of Hasselhof shirtless driving a car wearing little red shorts. They weren't dreams... they were nightmares! And Since I believe no one should suffer alone, I will slap you with the greatest earworm the world has ever come to know! 

Now whenever you write an email, say anything on the phone, talk your spouses or your relationship equivalent, you will have that song stuck in your head. You'll either go crazy, or you'll think you're cool, but only you will know it.

One quick point of order. As you may have noticed from the deluge of recent posts this morning, I am folding a couple of my smaller blog pages into The Mattedscreen. Going away will be LaserDisc Archive, Bad Movie Beating, and Toy Addiction. Why am I doing this? Well to be honest, when I was launching all of this I got a little too over zealous. Since I am plugging away at writing my novels and short stories on top of my blog, some of my special feature pages have started to suffer. So those pages I'm taking down, will live on, but will be folded into other pages like Flick Show Ticket, Movie Kid Memories or in the general news of this page. This is just a clutter reducer more than anything, so don't worry, you can still expect to get the same awesome content but now in a convenient easy to reach location!


As you may know... I am a huge action figure nut. I love em. I've been collecting them since He-Man figures were used to bribe me into potty training. From there it was Transformers, then Ninja Turtles and GI Joes. Skip ahead 20 some years and it is 6th scale movie accurate figures. They may be expensive but they are worth every cent! Since the recent release of Man of Steel, I have been itching to get a look at the world's first superhero in all his  12 inch glory. Well folks, today is the day we get our first look at Hot Toy's next big release(which probably wont ship until spring of next year):

There are a LOT more pictures on the Hot Toys Website that you can see for yourself. What do I think? Well... the face sculpt is okay... they've done better work in the past, and the suit looks pretty good if maybe a bit too beefy, and I think it's really cool they're giving away the Krypton USB drive from the movie with each order. My gripe is I know what they're going to charge for this. Usually these guys go north of $200 and given the license it's from, I would predict something in the range of $250+. That is kind of a lot for a basic figure with only the simple hand changes that virtually every figure gets. There isn't even an alternate head sculpt! or one where you could give him Heat Vision eyes or a angry face! Something! So... sadly... I'll probably skip this one and snag RoboCop instead.


"Pull my finger, I dare you!"

Remember I was recently bemoaning the fact that Ridley Scott may or may not take on Prometheus in addition to his other high profile projects? Well, I'm kind of eating a bit of crow after seeing the first trailer for his latest effort The Counselor.
If this movie turns out to be even half as good as it looks, I'd hope Scott can muster the same enthusiasm towards a good and proper followup to Prometheus. Scripted by Cormac McCarthy, writer of incredible works including No Country for Old Men, The Road, and Blood Meridian, concocted this thriller about a lawyer that gets in over his head with a pack of drug dealers. That's a pretty basic plot it sounds, but then all of Cormac's works sound "basic" at first, then you read them, then your head explodes from the awesomeness! Staring Michael "Young Magneto" Fassbender, this is a cast of whose who in Hollywood, from Brad Pitt, to Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, to a really pissed off looking Cameron Diaz. The preview doesn't give you a whole lot and thank the movie gods for that! I hate it when a trailer spills the plate of beans before dinner is served as they so often tend to do. This will be intense as hell and I can't wait to sit down in a dark theater and absorb this one! ...and yes that is an onset picture of Brad Pitt in this movie.


No... I am not talking about Catching Fire. At some point I'm sure I will have to bring that up, given that it's a sequel to The Hunger Games and all, but the game I'm talking about is Ender's Game! I am like 90% of the way through the book and I am loving every page of it. So naturally I am worried as hell about the movie. The first teaser kind of gave away a big twist in the book, it wasn't that much of a surprise to me, I'd kind of sussed it out early on, but for the sake of others, I will not post up that preview. What I will do is post you the incredible propaganda posters that were recently released!

Gotta say I am so STOKED when I see these posters! The propaganda element is pitch perfect for the book, and I hope they manage to incorporate some element into this film. Given how ambitious the book is for the tale it tells, I am worried about the condensed time frame they're going to have to work with. SO much happens in that book over the span of years. That said this marketing campaign reminds me a whole lot of a different Soldiers In Spaaaaace kind of movie:
           Yes... that is a Starship Troopers ad campaign from 1997! Wow... to think that movie is 15 years old freaks the hell out of me! But yeah, sadly this is the only one of the posters I could locate, I remember there being a whole lot of these saying "Join The Mobile Infantry" "The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug!" that sort of stuff. Hopefully, this will be the only comparison to be made to that ultra cheesefest.

Well that is it for today, I've gotten behind again on the novel and I have a lot of catchup work to do. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! I know you were excited for more GIFs but honestly I need to tone it down, I'm going to run out of creative references and then where would we be? GIFless that's where! With that, remember Dear Readers, reading a book in the bathroom is like banishing that book into exile from the rest of your collection. Once that book breaches the porcelain barrier, it can never come back. So, before you do your business, make sure you choose a title deserving of bathroom reading, there is no path back from that dark side.
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