Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday 7/25

Thursday!?! What Happened To Wednesday?

Sorry dear readers I left you alone for the day. Since I woke up this morning that means the world didn't end and you all, or at least most of you survived! What happened? Well to be honest I got really really busy! But not only that while the final repairs to my car we being completed, the dealership's public internet and since I didn't get home till after noon, I really didn't feel like doing a post. Plus, I made great headway on my book, cleared 5-6 pages so there!

Since I want to write more and I've got to prep my latest Epic Trailer before I go home, this will be a short post! Yes that's right, the inspiration demon came to me again last night and infected my soul with some more sick and slightly twisted humor! But don't worry, it will be funny!

ALSO I know, I know, I promised you movie reviews and I will get to them! Since I write 90% of this thing in Blogger, when I don't have internet access I don't get to that prevents me from opening a text document and writing it there and then cutting and pasting over I can't explain. It's far too technical. That and I just didn't think of it. SO if all goes well by tonight if not tomorrow, both reviews for Pacific Rim and The Conjuring will be up as well as a brand new Epic Trailer! Moving along now...


As if you thought I would be done with this obsession! Check out this incredible video shot at San Diego Comic-Con of the Hot Toys/SideShow booth!
Okay I know it's like 20 minutes long, but SO WHAT? It's 20 minutes of Awesome! And you get to see great coverage of all the 6th scale awesomeness coming our way including RoboCop and the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman figures!

How about some more awesomeness? Oh yeah baby!

 So if you know me in real life, not just the digital world, you'd know this figure, this is a REALLY important necessity to my collection. It ranks right up there if not past my Christopher Reeve Superman figure! The Crow got me through a really dark angsty part of my life(adolescence) that graphic novel and movie still hold a solid foothold in my heart. AND now I can have a mini Bruce Lee on my shelf! They really do need to tell young teens a whole lot more often that life gets better with age!

And that is what I have for you on this fine morning. Not much I know,  but then there hasn't been much going on. I could give you a complete rundown about the repairs to my car but, seriously, if it's not on Car Talk, it aint that interesting sounding. So with that, remember Dear Readers, if you own a cat, know that they study your every move, they know your every weakness, they know what scares you in the dark, and they are slowly putting their plans for world domination into effect while lulling us into a false sense of security. We always have assumed that our destruction would come from above or from a foreign country, we never dreamed that it would come from the litter box.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday 7/23

Tuesday! Still waiting for the news to STOP talking about the royal baby!

Well this is good practice for when I go home. At this very moment I am at my car dealership service center waiting for my car to get fixed up and routine maintenance. Not a bad setup, 60inch HDTV, free coffee and I have my laptop so I can attempt to entertain you good folks! Interestingly enough, it dawned on my this morning that if you went back in time over a hundred years ago, getting maintenance for your vehicle meant taking it to the vet for a tuneup! Would not at all want to know how they did an oil change or rotated and balanced the legs on a horse.

I know I told you that I was going to get my review for Pacific Rim up yesterday but you know what? I went to the movies instead! That's right, I denied you a review of an awesome movie so I could go have some fun with a friend. If you're having a hard time dealing with this betrayal of trust, you're now going to get to read reviews of not only Pacific Rim but The Conjuring as well! Hope that bandages that deep wound. So keep a lookout for those, they should be up and out this afternoon without fail... I do have 3 hours to wait for the work on my car to finish!

Day of Awesome!

Well since I am of limited internet access today I figure it would be a good time to link to all the awesome stuff I've seen around the webs. First up, a girl and her pet bee! - Seriously!
Apparently this video is from 2008? But so what? It's damn cute how this little girl found a wounded carpenter bee nursed it back to health with honey and has kept him alive. Enjoy the cute stuff.

I can not picture my grandma banging away on drums - but this lady is cool!
This gal made huge waves on youtube over the last week or two so you're all probably in on this one but so what? It's freaking cool to see her twirl those sticks without missing a beat!

Gotta love a great movie poster right? Well if the careful execution of the early marketing for the X-Men Days of Future Past movie indicate, we might be in for something pretty incredible!

Thanks to Entertainment weekly for getting these up! My excitement for this movie is just starting to build so it's pretty damn awesome to see some rock solid poster art right out of the gate for this movie! Here's hoping we get to see some more of these kinds of posters mashing the older and younger versions of the same characters together. Particularly love the Magneto poster!

Little bit of gloating!

Well this blog is about me after all! But don't worry, this concerns you too! My Epic Trailers on Youtube are getting hundreds of views and my Man of Dynamite trailer in particular is over 5000 now! Not a lot when you consider the like 90million people that have watched the latest Miley Cyrus video, but what can I say, there's no accounting for taste. With that, here are all of my clips one more time! Why not enjoy your day a little right?
As great as Man of Dynamite is, I think I like my Army of Darkness best! Got an opinion on them? Leave a comment! Would love to hear from all of ya about these. E.T. is pretty damn great too. I am working out a 5th one, I'm hoping to get a hold of a couple high quality trailers to make it happen before my visit home. Once I'm home I wont be able to work on them and then I'll have all this constipated creativity going through me with no place to direct it! Fingers crossed the library can get the DVD's in time. I know I'm teasing you, keeping the title in the dark, but hey, I'm an asshole like that. Why give away the good stuff without first building up a little anticipation first, right?

With that, in part due to my limited assets at the moment, this is all I have for you! Time for me to get to work on my Pacific Rim and The Conjuring Reviews. Remember Dear Readers, urine is not an acceptable form of restroom cleaning, so please, do your best to aim before opening the flood gates, show some sympathy for the person waiting after you so they're not greeted with yellow puddles on the seat. And then for the love of god, WASH YOUR HANDS!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday 7/22

What do you mean it isn't my Birthday any more? Why have the presents stopped coming? Why?

So my wife and I started watching Orange is the New Black last night, and it's actually a pretty good show. It's about a young woman that gets sent to prison for 15 months for carrying a bag of cash for her at the time rug dealer lover. Based on a memoir by the same name, we follow our yuppie clean blond lead around and get to experience all of her prison interactions. While it is a great show, I do have to warn you about the content. There are an extensive number of scenes featuring a gratuitous amount of Jason Biggs. That's right, the guy from American Pie. He's in this show... a lot! So if you can handle scenes of Jason Biggs acting, then you'll be able to enjoy this show. Just kidding, he's actually really good in it, the whole show is pretty damn good, and being on Netflix there aren't any content restrictions of the regular networks, but it is no where near as graphic as HBO so it's never uncomfortable to watch so yes, grandma can be in the room.

Alright there good folks, just to make a point about something that might impact the frequency of my posts over the next week or so; I am going back to Michigan this coming Sunday. As such, that means I have a lot to do before I can go from getting packing, securing a supply of underwear, finding enough socks without holes, and locating a consignment of pants because apparently you can't fly naked anymore. THEN once I am in Michigan; no offense, but you know, I want to ENJOY myself and not feel forced to entertain you! That plus the fact that my laptop isn't the best tool to blog from, it's more meant for my novel and screenwriting projects, my posts to this blog will likely be infrequent and not nearly as interesting to look at BUT since I will be away from Denver I plan to do a full ZOMBIE MOVIE RETROSPECTIVE - I'm gone for 9 days, I shall write about 9 different Zombie movies! Why Zombies? Well... why not? I like zombies! I'll be posting the list of nine movies as soon as I finalize my selections. Moving along now...


It was awesome and EVERYONE should see this movie in the theater! If you're using a torrent or a cheep ILLEGAL  streaming site to watch this movie(or any movie) on your computer at home, you should be just a bit more than a tad ashamed of yourself. It was old school summer movie fun in grand, exciting fashion!  Check back after a bit for my full review

Comic Con Roundup!

Well they did! They finally did it! You bastards! You blew it up! - not really. DC just announced their ambitions outline to compete with Marvel for king of Superhero Cinema! Coming summer 2015 is a Superman/Batman team up movie to be written and directed  by the team behind this summer's Man of Steel Zach Snyder and David S. Goyer! Following in 2016 is The Flash after that is a full on Justice League movie in 2017. On all of this news I am a bit - meh about the whole thing. While I would love to see DC heroes get more big-screen time rather than being relegated to the CW network, I feel it is a bit too ambitious of them to jump full on into this thing. I wish there was a one off Batman film adventure before the 2015 Superman team up movie to reintroduce this new version of the character. Christopher Nolan who is executive producing this whole venture has been very clear that the Christian Bale Batman will not be the one featured here. So that means they have to reintroduce the character all over again, new Bruce Wayne, new Gotham etc etc. While they did say they're not going to redo the origin of Batman again(thank god) I would like a 2 hour span to get to know this version. We'll see what happens!

Thanks to the good folks at The Digital Bits for this... we have our first pictures of the box art for that Predator 3D Special Comic Con Exclusive!

Predator 3D: Limited Edition (Blu-ray 3D)                 Predator 3D (Blu-ray 3D)

If you'd preordered it at Comic Con, not only would you have gotten the 3D blu-ray and the figurine, but you would have gotten a scale replica Predator Head with detachable helmet! At 120 clams that's not a bad deal considering it caters to a pretty exclusive clientele of nerds who A have a 3D TV and Blu-ray player and are willing to give up $120 at the drop of a hat.

Also thanks to The Digital Bits for this bit of wonder!
Warner's Batman bag at Comic-Con 2013

No sadly this isn't a promo for the series coming to DVD - but it is a nice piece of hope. Apparently the scuttlebutt is that DC and Fox and the cast have worked out their issues. The final domino that needs to fall is them working out a deal with the estate of the show's creators. Once they work something out that makes the whole deal worthwhile then we should be able to enjoy this thing on disc! Can you believe it's been nearly 16 YEARS since DVD hit the market and this show HAS NOT yet come to disc? Hope these guys sort their shit out cus us fans, yeah, we've been ready for this one for a long long while now!

After that, there really isn't that much more to cover about Comic Con. They revealed the next Avenger's movie villain by way of revealing the film's title Avengers: Age of Ultron. I'm really not that familiar with Ultron, but from the coverage he sounds like a pretty big deal so who knows. Otherwise San Diego Comic Con has proved that it is the Miss America Pageant of Nerd Culture. Stars and directors and creatives behind big budget movies took to the stage. Waived to the crowd and went on their marry. Other than DC's big nondescript plans, there wasn't really anything earth shattering. Until the new trailers actually get released to the greater public, we wont be seeing much of the new footage any time soon.

Well on that note, I've gotta get to work on my Pacific Rim review and then start crunching away on my novel. With that Dear Readers, remember if you're ever stuck in a creepy cabin with a group of friends who find a book bound in human flesh and inked in blood, grab the keys to the car, and get the hell out of there before anyone starts reading from it! If you stay, keep away from broken pencils, broken mirrors, chainsaws, nail guns, and don't go into the woods.