Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday 7/23

Tuesday! Still waiting for the news to STOP talking about the royal baby!

Well this is good practice for when I go home. At this very moment I am at my car dealership service center waiting for my car to get fixed up and routine maintenance. Not a bad setup, 60inch HDTV, free coffee and I have my laptop so I can attempt to entertain you good folks! Interestingly enough, it dawned on my this morning that if you went back in time over a hundred years ago, getting maintenance for your vehicle meant taking it to the vet for a tuneup! Would not at all want to know how they did an oil change or rotated and balanced the legs on a horse.

I know I told you that I was going to get my review for Pacific Rim up yesterday but you know what? I went to the movies instead! That's right, I denied you a review of an awesome movie so I could go have some fun with a friend. If you're having a hard time dealing with this betrayal of trust, you're now going to get to read reviews of not only Pacific Rim but The Conjuring as well! Hope that bandages that deep wound. So keep a lookout for those, they should be up and out this afternoon without fail... I do have 3 hours to wait for the work on my car to finish!

Day of Awesome!

Well since I am of limited internet access today I figure it would be a good time to link to all the awesome stuff I've seen around the webs. First up, a girl and her pet bee! - Seriously!
Apparently this video is from 2008? But so what? It's damn cute how this little girl found a wounded carpenter bee nursed it back to health with honey and has kept him alive. Enjoy the cute stuff.

I can not picture my grandma banging away on drums - but this lady is cool!
This gal made huge waves on youtube over the last week or two so you're all probably in on this one but so what? It's freaking cool to see her twirl those sticks without missing a beat!

Gotta love a great movie poster right? Well if the careful execution of the early marketing for the X-Men Days of Future Past movie indicate, we might be in for something pretty incredible!

Thanks to Entertainment weekly for getting these up! My excitement for this movie is just starting to build so it's pretty damn awesome to see some rock solid poster art right out of the gate for this movie! Here's hoping we get to see some more of these kinds of posters mashing the older and younger versions of the same characters together. Particularly love the Magneto poster!

Little bit of gloating!

Well this blog is about me after all! But don't worry, this concerns you too! My Epic Trailers on Youtube are getting hundreds of views and my Man of Dynamite trailer in particular is over 5000 now! Not a lot when you consider the like 90million people that have watched the latest Miley Cyrus video, but what can I say, there's no accounting for taste. With that, here are all of my clips one more time! Why not enjoy your day a little right?
As great as Man of Dynamite is, I think I like my Army of Darkness best! Got an opinion on them? Leave a comment! Would love to hear from all of ya about these. E.T. is pretty damn great too. I am working out a 5th one, I'm hoping to get a hold of a couple high quality trailers to make it happen before my visit home. Once I'm home I wont be able to work on them and then I'll have all this constipated creativity going through me with no place to direct it! Fingers crossed the library can get the DVD's in time. I know I'm teasing you, keeping the title in the dark, but hey, I'm an asshole like that. Why give away the good stuff without first building up a little anticipation first, right?

With that, in part due to my limited assets at the moment, this is all I have for you! Time for me to get to work on my Pacific Rim and The Conjuring Reviews. Remember Dear Readers, urine is not an acceptable form of restroom cleaning, so please, do your best to aim before opening the flood gates, show some sympathy for the person waiting after you so they're not greeted with yellow puddles on the seat. And then for the love of god, WASH YOUR HANDS!

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