Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday 7/25

Thursday!?! What Happened To Wednesday?

Sorry dear readers I left you alone for the day. Since I woke up this morning that means the world didn't end and you all, or at least most of you survived! What happened? Well to be honest I got really really busy! But not only that while the final repairs to my car we being completed, the dealership's public internet and since I didn't get home till after noon, I really didn't feel like doing a post. Plus, I made great headway on my book, cleared 5-6 pages so there!

Since I want to write more and I've got to prep my latest Epic Trailer before I go home, this will be a short post! Yes that's right, the inspiration demon came to me again last night and infected my soul with some more sick and slightly twisted humor! But don't worry, it will be funny!

ALSO I know, I know, I promised you movie reviews and I will get to them! Since I write 90% of this thing in Blogger, when I don't have internet access I don't get to that prevents me from opening a text document and writing it there and then cutting and pasting over I can't explain. It's far too technical. That and I just didn't think of it. SO if all goes well by tonight if not tomorrow, both reviews for Pacific Rim and The Conjuring will be up as well as a brand new Epic Trailer! Moving along now...


As if you thought I would be done with this obsession! Check out this incredible video shot at San Diego Comic-Con of the Hot Toys/SideShow booth!
Okay I know it's like 20 minutes long, but SO WHAT? It's 20 minutes of Awesome! And you get to see great coverage of all the 6th scale awesomeness coming our way including RoboCop and the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman figures!

How about some more awesomeness? Oh yeah baby!

 So if you know me in real life, not just the digital world, you'd know this figure, this is a REALLY important necessity to my collection. It ranks right up there if not past my Christopher Reeve Superman figure! The Crow got me through a really dark angsty part of my life(adolescence) that graphic novel and movie still hold a solid foothold in my heart. AND now I can have a mini Bruce Lee on my shelf! They really do need to tell young teens a whole lot more often that life gets better with age!

And that is what I have for you on this fine morning. Not much I know,  but then there hasn't been much going on. I could give you a complete rundown about the repairs to my car but, seriously, if it's not on Car Talk, it aint that interesting sounding. So with that, remember Dear Readers, if you own a cat, know that they study your every move, they know your every weakness, they know what scares you in the dark, and they are slowly putting their plans for world domination into effect while lulling us into a false sense of security. We always have assumed that our destruction would come from above or from a foreign country, we never dreamed that it would come from the litter box.

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