Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday 7/3

The World Could Use One Big Happy Hour

Ever think that the key to world peace could be if our esteemed leaders just opened their wallets and said "The first round is on us!" to the world? I gotta think that between mimosas, mint juleps, screw drivers and any number of beers on tap; the world would be a better place if everyone just knocked back a drink or two, or three. Have you seen people that don't really know each other at a bar after they've had a few? They're instant best friends! "I love you man!" "No I love you!" "Well I love you more." and then they order another round. Then you get men and women meeting each other on common ground, no one is telling the other what they can and can't do with their reproductive organs, they meet, they have a few, get a little cozy and maybe one will call the other after they wake up in the other's apartment. Then you get the happy accidents from this situation. What better way to link two countries together than the bond of an inter-country born child? Worked for France and England for centuries! Whose to say it couldn't work today? Even if you're sober and don't drink, food is cheep and you can get a great assortment of bar food at a low price. Promote world peace, Promote World Happy Hour Day! Moving along now...

Awesome Stop-Motion Animation Trailer News!

Okay I have to admit up front, if I haven't admitted enough about myself already, I love stop motion animation movies. So when a new one is made and is about to get released in theaters, I get more than just a little excited. With that comes the release of the first trailer for The Boxtrolls: sadly I can't embed this because Universal took it down from Youtube, but it's alive and well at Apple! I've gotta hand it to Laika Studios for putting out a trailer that deals with social family issues with a dash of humor. I don't know much of the plot, and I don't actually need to know anything. After Coraline and Paranorman, this studio can count on a ticket purchase from me every time... only bugger of it all is we have to wait OVER a year for it come out! That September 2014 release date is a long long way off. Lame. BUT shed an eye on this poster and dream about all the fun things coming our way in a year.

Holy Dark Knight Box Set News!!!

Remember that Dark Knight Trilogy Box Set I mentioned about a week ago? Yeah well it's fer realz kids! If you want to get the full spec list, zip on over to Collider. Coming in September, it's a six disc blu-ray set that features Hot Wheels toys of each main vehicle in the series. Pretty cool. Also there are a couple of new behind the scenes features that actually kinda look interesting, however, I am a bit bothered that they didn't list whether or not Batman Begins is going to get an overhaul. The picture of the current disc is okay, but since it was minted specifically for HD-DVD, yeah, it's time to do it again. Technology has changed a lot and gotten infinity better. Imagine what that picture could look like if they gave it the full breath of a 50gig disc to live on!?! Since that one still stands as my favorite of the three, with Dark Knight a close close second, I'll hold off until I hear the good news. But still, if you don't own the set or any of the movies, looks like a pretty solid buy with an SRP of $99. You know Amazon will slash that by 30-40% so you're looking at 3 top tier movies for a scant 50-60 bucks. If you can hold out to Christmas, I'm sure it'll be even cheaper than that!


Yeah, that's right... there is a new Pacific Rim trailer out... and it looks freaking awesome! I really really hope this movie pays off, for the number of big movies this summer I was excited to see, none have really measured up to their potential. In del Torro I trust. Take a look for yourself.

Not that I needed to be sold on this movie any more than I already was, but this final trailer looks fantastic. Nice to see some characters get more time over the monsters and robots. I'm worried people are lumping this in with the Transformers franchise of big robots breaking buildings. Seems like a lot of the people I've talked to have written this one off. SO here's hoping that some solid reviews and word of mouth change people's minds about it.

If that wasn't enough awesome in your day...

In case you missed the announcement of my latest creation: give a look!

Since today is the third of July, I know many folks are getting ready early to celebrate their holiday, so if you're traveling, be safe. Have tons of fun. Go to the movies. Fire up the grill. But remember you probably have to work on Friday... so don't get too sloshed! There might be a new post tomorrow... there might not, my wife and I are planning on catching White House Down, it's a Roland Emmerich movie... I've seen every one of his movies in the theater since Stargate! And with that, remember Dear Readers, there is no gold in your nose so don't go digging... unless you put it there yourself in which case, pick away!
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