Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday 7/2

Whoa That Was a Big Storm!

OOookay. well last night we had the craziest storm we've had in the three years we've lived in Colorado. We go to bed, everything is fine, cats are put away, my wife snug under the blanket and me in my cap as we nestled into bed for a cool summer evening nap. Then all of a sudden the biggest hardest winds came up out of no where, rain was falling into our apartment sideways! Trees outside were bending so far they looked like they were going to snap. Electric poles looked like they were moving! Lightning streaked across the sky like July fourth fireworks. So as fast as we could we ran around shutting windows, and sopping up the water out of the carpets. Then just as we're about to go back to sleep, the dang thing goes away. As soon as it came in, it was gone! SO we get out of bed again, go back around the apartment, open up windows, turn on fans and go back to bed. It was 20 minutes of nutty in the middle of the night. As a result... I really want to watch Twister!
What better way to start the day than a little dose of Bill Paxton?
The would would be a better place with more Bill Paxton.


Well, given that San Diego Comic Con is around the corner, studios are being very selective about any new news or trailers being released. So pretty much all the news that's out there isn't really news so I'll give you a quick rundown:

Christian Bale Wont Be Batman Again

In an interview he gave with Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Bale pretty much flat out says he's not coming back, no one is talking to him about coming back to the mantle of the Bat, he hasn't had any conversations with anyone about Justice League and he fully believes that torch should be passed to another actor. Get all that? So it's one big no story story. This does mean we have a shot at a Batman that sounds like he doesn't have throat cancer! 

The LONE RANGER - and Companion 

Well this was pretty much inevitable, much like Paramount with World War Z, Disney is obligated to go forth with more Lone Ranger  movies. Apparently Armie Hammer - yes that is is name -  has sequel deals in place as the titular ranger with a penchant for silver bullets and Johnny Depp is up for replaying Tonto the Indian Companion. Disney put a lot of bucks into this movie, upwards of $250 million, and I got high hopes, but it is also the most expensive western ever produced, so if it doesn't hit at the boxoffice this holiday weekend, I doubt we'll see the man in the mask for at least another 20-30 years like the last movie. And by that time we'll have laser guns so Hollywood would re-invent the character as The Lone Space Ranger and Tonto would now be called T'ch'Tu-ah - his faithful Martian Companion. And for his theme song, all he needs to do is blink an eye and the implant in his brain will play the William Tell Overture! Ahhh I love Hollywood. If my brain can think this garbage up... they can too. 


Just in time for the U.S. holiday to get rolling, director Rolland Emmerich has been dropping a few tidbits here and there about what is going on with the sequel to everyone's favorite summer movie from 20 years ago.SO apparently the correct title is now Independence Day Forever Part 1 so I guess that makes it ID4FP1? In addition to Bill Pullman returning, apparently Jeff Goldblum will be back too! Also he's trying to get Brent Spinner to come back...which is weird since his character died when he was being used by the alien to speak with a long penis-like tentacle thing wrapped around his throat - but whatever, if they can bring Superman back from the dead, I'm sure they got room enough to resurrect the geeky scientist. Now the biggest question they need to answer is does Goldblum's character sill use Apple? Or has he switched to Droid? The small child in me is alive with Joy as this project seems like it's actually going to happen!

That isn't quite all I have for you today, going live around 1:00 mountain time, will be... my latest Epic Trailer! Aren't you excited! I know I am, this is another labor of love, hope everyone enjoys it. And with that, remember Dear Readers, there is only one appropriate orifice for food consumption; the mouth. The nostrils are too tiny and can clog with spaghetti easily, and the anus... well... the less said about that the better. Have a great Tuesday!
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