Thursday, June 13, 2013

the Man
the Legend
the Wiseau

 Before we get going on my personal musings and nonsense, I want to take a moment and give a shout out of support to Colorado Springs area residents that are being so devastatingly affected by the Black Forest fires. So far over 100 homes have been lost, and thankfully, there are no reports of any lives lost. If/when I hear about any relief fund or donation information, I'll post those outlets up if you would like to help out.

Okay, back to stupid fun stuff designed to make you smile.

First up... anyone see this yet?

I'll admit to being a mild fan of the first film, it was a goofy bloody affair that was pretty to look at, but I appreciate it more as a technical achievement for nearly shooting an entire film in front of Blue, Green, and Pink screens only to have the scenery digitally inserted. Now, 7 years removed from the original film, it feels old hat after efforts like Avatar, and the Spartacus TV series. Apparently it's based on Frank Miller's "Xerxes" sequel to his 300 graphic novel. For one thing I didn't even know "Xerxes" was out, and more importantly, after the awful "Holy Terror"... do I want to read it? Anyone give it a shot? Is it worth it? Anyway, based on this trailer, it looks to be a fun time. Not expecting much more than a bunch of guys with little to no clothes fighting, except this time there are Boats! So that makes it an ENTIRELY different movie!

Moving along, I would like to expound upon something that is near and dear to my heart, Bad Movies. Little can entertain me more than a bad movie. To bring the point home, Ed Wood is a personal hero of mine. There I said it, I will willingly watch Plan 9 From Outer Space UNRIFFED! Since my wife and I moved to Denver, we have become fans of MIDNIGHT MADNESS hosted every Friday and Saturday night at the Esquire Theater. The quality of the films we've seen here has ranged from Classics like Jaws, to the terribly funny The Super Mario Bros., to the endearing Mean Girls, to a monthly showing of the always awesome Rocky Horror Picture Show. Here is their up coming slate:
Jun 14 & 15: Troll 2
Jun 21 & 22: Cabin in the Woods
Fri, Jun 28: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jun 28 & 29: Samurai Cop
Jul 5 & 6: Escape From New York
Jul 12 & 13: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sat, Jul 13: The Room, "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!"
Jul 19 & 20: Aliens, (MY BIRTHDAY!!! SCORE!!!!)
Fri, Jul 26: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jul 26 & 27: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Aug 2 & 3: A Clockwork Orange
Aug 9 & 10: The Room, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero In Person! Special Event Tickets $15! 

As you can see, they show some pretty damn amazing movies each week. You also may have noticed that each month they show the new cult Midnight Movie hit, THE ROOM! And I have to tell you, in all its inept glory, it is one of the most amazingly fun, bad, god awful movies I have ever been given the pleasure of watching! My wife and I have been to see it at the Esquire a half a dozen times at least! AND the awesome news of this current crop of movies as you may have noticed, Writer Director and Star Tommy Wiseau WILL BE HERE IN DENVER on Aug 9 and 10th! In tow will be co-star and producer Greg Sestero(His Best Friend!!!) 

Sadly... because fate has deemed it the perfect time for family to come to town... My wife and I... we... we won't be going!
I can't blame them, it's just the way the Fates decided to torture me. But on the flip side I'll get to play with my two adorable little nieces who are WAY more cute than Tommy is! SO if you have nothing going that weekend in August, get your tickets now! They're going fast if they're not sold out already! It's a great movie, the Denver crowd is AWESOME, and you'd get to meet the legend himself!
If you can't make it drop by The Room Official Webpage. They list all of the tour dates Tommy and Greg are showing the film, so maybe it'll come to your town! Also his store is pretty damn awesome. From copies of the movie, to posters, to clothing and footballs, you can get it all there. ALSO what is really F-ing sweet is when you place your order, you can request Tommy to personally sign ANYTHING you ordered... I have proof!

Not sure exactly what it says, I think "May all your pleasures come true?" But the point being the dude signed it. Also I should note the damage to the poster wasn't their fault, the mailman dented the poster tube during delivery. That's it for today, be sure to drop by Movie Kid Memories this afternoon for my thoughts and feelings about  
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace!!!
With that, I shall leave you with the trailer for

Be good dear readers, have fun and observe proper safety protocols  when operating toenail clippers. Accidents happen...


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