Monday, June 10, 2013

A Case of the Mondays...

I'm not entirely sure why people hate Monday's so much. Wait... yeah I do... damn, you forget quick when you haven't had a regular job in a couple months. Guess mine's of to a great start or something.  So you know I gave Into The 3rd Dimension it's own page, you can check that one out all by it's lonesome, and I will be updating that early next week as soon as I'm done with my Superman Film Retrospective on my page Movie Kid Memories. Anyway I was struck with a thought during my workout...

Remember all of those "cool" Edward Furlong horror movies in the early 90's? I am of course speaking of Pet Sematary II and Brainscan If you don't remember these, don't worry about it, they actually weren't all that good. Coming off the high of T2: Judgement Day, he dove headfirst into his acting career, sadly no one filled the pool beforehand. I just remember watching the trailers for these movies as a kid and thinking how cool they looked and then in later years seeing the movies and then realizing they're actually really bad! Random aside I know, but for fun, here are the trailers:

The horrendously bad and unintentionally funny Pet Sematary II

And... sadly... Brainscan

Anyway, Not much happening around the interwebs, it's early in the news cycle this week. Man of Steel punches into screens but that isn't until Friday. One awesome thing did drop today and it leads to another awesome thing tomorrow... that is of course, the first poster and the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! The first poster is up and out, and it is a beauty. 

Like all past Lord of the Rings movies and An Unexpected Journey there is great art, craft, and time taken with these posters. While the standard photoshoped floating head posters do exist in the series, they at least all had some of the finest teaser posters ever printed. Lets hope the trailer tomorrow shows off some great stuff, but not all the great moments. I am REALLY hoping they hold off showing Smaug until the film is actually released. It worked for Gollum and The Two Towers. With that, lets take a look at the past posters, just to bask in their glory before we go on with our day.

Good times, anyway, that's all for today, check out the first part of my Retrospective for Superman! Be good kids, and remember don't eat another kid's lunch, you never know if that child eats cow tongue or not. Trust me, I've had it... and it was pretty gross.  

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