Friday, June 14, 2013


I was thinking about the phrase "Easy as Pie" today. I heard a trainer say that to their client at the gym today. Pies really aren't that easy to make. The crust has to be just right, the filling can be a pain, and then making sure it's not overcooked or undercooked is a nightmare. The only thing easy about pie is EATING it. But that would be counter intuitive in a gym-like setting so I have no idea what that trainer was telling that person, but it was the WRONG information. ANYWAY....

Well..Man of Steel is upon us in multiplexes EVERYWHERE! Finally! And judging from the current Tomatometer score, it's pretty divided among critics. Judging from a few snippets of the reviews, if you loved Batman Begins and a more "down to earth" approach to Superman you're going to love it. If you're only expecting to get Chris Reeve reincarnated like Superman Returns, then you're probably going to be disappointed. I have not yet seen the flick, that happens tomorrow, I can't get the time in with my writing schedule, plus my wife really wants to see it too. I'm still stoked to see it, the positive reviews have been glowing, and I'm pretty sure I can divorce myself from memories past of Superman films gone by. It's like James Bond if you think about it. Every 10-12 years there's a new one. Even Roger Moore haters enjoy his movies. We shall just have to wait and see what the real fans think.

 Later this afternoon I will be posting my final part of my Superman Retrospective with a look back at SUPERMAN RETURNS. Some love it, some hate it, I always felt it was just okay, but I gotta give it another viewing so that should be up this afternoon. In the mean time if you hadn't noticed with my Superman IV: The Quest For Peace story, I added four gifs to lighten things up. These just so happened to be the first gifs I ever made! I think I did all right!

Not bad for a first effort? I especially like the one where Superman drops Lois.  

The Beards Are Angry At Hollywood... the place that made them BILLIONAIRES!!!

The big scuttlebutt around the interwebs the last couple days has been the recent comments made by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to a group of USC students at a dedication ceremony. I won't post the whole story, you can read that on Collider. Basically they're predicting an industry "implosion" or "meltdown" because their recent efforts underperformed or barely made it into theaters at all. OK?Doesn't that happen to every other movie out there? First off, this big budget summer movie extravaganza they say is ruining things... THEY CREATED IT!!! Jaws? Star Wars? E.T.? Any of those ring a bell to these guys? And if they're having a hard time getting their movies into theaters maybe they should focus on making movies better? One thing I see that's dragging the whole thing down is setting the release date BEFORE a screenwriter is even hired on the project. As much as I dug recent movies like Star Trek Into Darkness or last year's Prometheus, those movies and numerous others could have greatly benefited from another rewrite. And if you want to talk budgets lets compare The Purge(still havent seen it) against The Avengers. The Purge had a budget of $3million and The Avengers had a budget of $220million. At that rate, Hollywood could have produced OVER 70 films with identical budgets as The Purge. While they don't all need to be Horror films(I wouldn't mind) but it is worth noting The Purge has taken in nearly $40million at the box office in under a week. If Lucas and Spielberg thing blockbusters are ruining the industry, maybe they should stop making them? Just a thought.

Rant over, now for fun.


WTF Right? I hope those Terminators come with spare parts to build braces and walkers, cus Arnold is looking his age I gotta tell ya. Not that I'm against that. I TOTALLY dug The Last Stand, thought it was a hoot and I'm looking forward to Escape Plan and Ten. In my opinion John Wayne did some of his best work in his later years, True Grit anyone?  But him in another Terminator? Eh... I think that's one that just needs to stop. King Conan, THAT is a project I can get behind... mostly cus I love Conan, BUT there is also a reasonable excuse for his age change.

 That's it for this week, I'll be back Monday with a FULL review of Man of Steel and I'll be getting back to some regular feature postings. And as always dear readers, if you are ever in a life or death situation where there is a monster is chasing you intent on devouring your flesh, remember, run up to him and give him a hug and a kiss. You just might melt his icy heart and change his mind...or he could still kill you, but it's worth a shot.
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