Thursday, June 13, 2013

    So far, it has been confirmed that at least 2 people have been killed and nearly 360 homes have been lost in the Black Forest area fires, and the evacuation order has been extended into parts of Colorado Springs and Monument. My wife and I vacation in the Monument and the nearby Manitou Springs area so we are very concerned about the sites and the businesses we frequent whenever we're down there. 

    If you want to keep pace with this story on your own, the Denver Post is doing some fantastic up to the minute reporting. Pretty horrible way to start the summer season after last years devastating fires. Lets hope the wind blows the right way for a change and brings in the rain they desperately need.

    I haven't yet read of any donation sites or centers that are accepting contributions, if you have any news on that score please let me know! Post in the comments section and I'll give it a look and make sure the word gets out.

    As I write this sentence, I have so far heard a dozen or more helicopters and heavy firefighting planes fly overhead my apartment headed south. Hope, prey, send well wishes to those in need tonight dear readers. Fingers crossed I have better news to report in the morning. Till then, good night, take care, and be safe.

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