Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday 8/5

Why is waking up on a Monday morning just as hard when you're unemployed?

Sometimes it isn't the best idea to go to bed right after taking a shower. Old timers used to say a wet head at night was a sure way to get sick - I don't know if they actually said that but it sounds like solid advice. The other travesty that can occur is bed head, a hair style so horrid you dare not show your face in a public setting. Now in my case, I just so happened to wake up looking like David Lynch - and you know what, it's a pretty rocking good look! I get why that dude keeps his hair that way, it cuts a nice jib my friends. Sadly.... the shower ruined everything, now I just look like me again. For a moment I was cool, for a moment I looked awesome.


Well since it's Monday and pretty much zilch happened over the weekend beyond me and my wife watching about a dozen old "Joel" episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 - not a whole hell of a lot is going on around these here parts. I've got a new writing schedule in place now after I had to do so much backtracking so that's exciting! - If I keep to about 1500 and 2500 words a day I should hit my goal to have a solid first draft ready to edit by the end of the month - or sooner! I'm waiting for inspiration to hit me over the head for my next Epic Trailer - some good ideas but nothing rock solid enough to make it worth my time or yours for that matter. I did get hit by a thunderbolt of a great story over the weekend for a western! Yeah I don't want to give too much away but I am really excited about it. But it also means I am going to have to do a shit ton of research about old steam engine trains - which I am not excited about. I hate research. I want the damn thing to be nuclear powered that way I don't have to actually learn about anything new - I can just make shit up and have it sound legit! It's why I write fiction, I am a lazy lazy person when it gets to the down and dirty of it all. So yeah, the nutshell of what I'm getting at here is that my posts may yet again become infrequent because I will be trying my damnedest to get through the current story I'm on so I can barrel into this new story I've cooked up! I'm excited -  so you should be too!


Photoshop will have it's REVENGE!!!! And apparently its target is Thor: The Dark World. Since I didn't really have much of a topic to shout about today I'm pulling up some new art to critique. To be upfront and honest I have ZERO experience with photoshop. I played around with aftereffects and a few other Adobe progs in my days in film school - so I feel bad railing about a skill I don't have but some of these posters are really bad! In a point counter point example I'll show you the first Thor 2 poster - while it is virtually 100% photoshopped, it isn't that bad!

Not bad! Not bad at all! It's to the point, it lets us know our favorite blonde bearded wonder god with a hammer is back! And from the amount of grit and debris flying about - shit is going down! Cool! I'm game. But wait, what's this?
Let's see there's one, two, three... I count TEN characters in this damn thing not counting the evil elf army at the bottom - counting them individually and you've got like 1000! I hate... no I LOATH floating head posters, and this has got to be far and away one of the worst ones I have ever seen. Why do they do this? What marketing department guy sits down, looks at a wide variety of proof sheets and says "This one! The one that has a million faces on it and loads of random shit everywhere! That's the one I want to showcase in theaters across the nation!" It sucks on toast when you consider custom art is being commissioned on behalf of the movie for special appearances and conventions like this trio of posters from the always awesome Olly Moss:

Each character gets their own poster, it's to the point, it looks awesome! No floating heads to be found here! I look forward to the day that photoshop just up and explodes spewing the floating head posters into oblivion where they will never be found again!

Speaking of posters I would be doing you a wrong if I didn't slip up the latest poster for Riddick the more I see of this movie it looks like a solid bit of fun. I'm glad they appear to have scaled things back to the Pitch Black days. Plus this poster just looks bad ass. It's subtle, it's too the point, it suggests our lead character is a tough SOB.
Not expecting Oscar caliber performances out of this or anything, just good old fashioned tough guy sci-fi violence and monsters! Which - judging by the trailers - its aiming to deliver the goods.

Well that is that folks! I gotta get to the coffee shop and start writing while I wait for the Library to open so I can start reading about Trains! Go slow out there and remember Dear Readers - if you're camping out in the wilderness anytime during these last few weeks of summer, make sure that's not poison ivy you're trying to wipe with. Imagine trying to give a speech or read a statement to the board or just even ride the bus to work with one hand down the backside of your pants violently scratching? Needless to say at that point the poison ivy would be the least of your problems. Do yourself a solid and look before you squat.
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