Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When You Don't Have Anything To Say - Say A Lot Of Random Gibberish!

I didn't realize this was such a freaky pic when I chose it!

I really have nothing to talk about... well that's not entirely true. I mean, after all, if I had nothing to say I wouldn't be writing a blog post would I? For starters, I can report that the family member I am helping care for is doing much, much better! Every day there is marked improvement and it's very exciting!

Can't stop admiring this suit...awesome
Okay as a comic nerd, I have to admit something... I have not actually seen one single episode of Arrow! I know, I am a bad, bad, comic nerd. It's just that, you know, it's on the CW - and honestly I expect things to be extremely cheesy and dopy - especially if it's a comics related property. Thankfully, judging from fan response, and the communal chastising I've received on facebook over the previous weeks - it's a damn good show. So now I'll be doing everything I can to catch up. If for no other reason than to get ready for The Flash! After this released image - I am stoked! And so is my wife! Since she's a runner and I'm getting into trail running - when the weather is nice - this is exciting, and this dude's suit looks friggen awesome!

This brings me to another strong point of comic book heroes appearing in various media, they need to make sure they're doing it right! After what everyone's been telling me about Arrow, and now the production of The Flash is getting underway - it makes me wish this creative team was involved in bringing the entire Justice League to life on the Big Screen. Man of Steel was alright. I've enjoyed it on subsequent viewings - but the world their creating or expanding upon sounds very haphazardly applied. Granted there is a heck of a creative team attached to that project and I dearly hope they're aiming to include the guys and gals behind Arrow and The Flash into the further expanding DC Comics Movie Universe.  To do without them, I think would be a huge mistake. Arrow has a huge fan base built in, The Flash will soon have one, it would be stupid to recast these characters for their cinematic counterparts. If there is one thing comic book films attempt to do is broaden their audience.

To be frank, comic fans are a group of fickle and impossible to please people. I know - I am one of them! So if DC is really serious about creating a cinematic equivalent to the Marvel "Avengers" universe - they need to hold onto every fan they can get! To alienate or confuse the fans that may have grabbed onto the show, but not the comic book, would be a fatal mistake. It makes me wonder how Superman Returns would have turned out had they brought Tom Welling in the titular role? Smallville was pretty decent overall, had a good long run of 10 seasons, so naturally for a show to last more than a single season, let alone 10 - it needed fans outside the Comic Book Community to support it. After all, there are only so many of us! Here's hoping Zach Snyder and friends are doing the right thing. They're in my good graces by shooting most of Superman VS Batman in Michigan!

That's it for now - till next time kiddos - be good and don't eat moldy food or stand too close to radioactive waste - It will not make you a super hero! You might grow an extra appendage or two; but not in a good way.
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