Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday 8/1

Ugh... not a great day to wake up with a migraine...

SO here we are, one day closer to the weekend! About damn time right? Was it just me or did this week take forever? Granted my wife and I did have to change our travel plans entirely -  which sucked a lot - but you'd have thought we'd have kept to at least some of our usual routines. I mean honestly - did we really want to see family that badly? Considering how hard it's been able to wake up each morning, i guess we did! Who'd have thought it?

Something Awesome to Start Your Day

Believe it or not, I actually love to swim. Why then did I move into the heart of a landlocked state with few natural lakes and water sources to swim in? - I couldn't tell you but really, I love the ocean. Since I don't have cable, any time we visit home I always slide the channel over to Discovery to get as much of that stuff that I can - when they're not trying to capture Big Foot that is. With my love of swimming and snorkeling in the ocean watching this video last night was pretty damn amazing so I'm sharing it with you.
Now, the couple times I got to go snorkeling in some reefs were some of the most amazing vacations I ever went on - including getting stung by a jelly fish on my knee so badly the welt didn't go away for months. But on these trips I got to see my fair share of reef fish and eels and I gotta tell you, it takes a LOT of will power to not reach out and touch them. So now I want to take scuba lessons! Chalk that up on the dream board!

Way to go China!

As if the perfect score I gave wasn't indication enough, I loved Pacific Rim - so news that the movie had a record breaking opening in China is welcome indeed! While a $10million opening on a Wednesday might not seem that huge, keep in mind that China was responsible for nearly 10% of Avatar's $2Billion worldwide haul. Now you understand why the foreign market is so important for movies these days? Equally important to consider is Japan, who was also responsible for 10% of Avatar's total and a movie like Pacific Rim is designed to perform well in those two countries. What does all this China and Japan box office mean? Well, considering the international performance to date, it pretty much secures a sequel. While that isn't a 100% sure thing, it gets the conversation started between studio heads and producers. Does this movie need a sequel? Probably not, it wrapped things up pretty tightly, but would I mind seeing one in the near future? Not at all! Do your part folks and pay for a ticket! There is still time to enjoy this one on the big screen!

Speaking of Avatar

As production on Avatar 2: Avatar Harder progresses(that's not the real title) word has come down the pipe that Josh Friedman has been tapped to assist James Cameron with the screenplay. What this means exactly isn't entirely clear -  he could be doing dialog touching up, he could be doing a draft to get some fresh eyes on the project - the one assured thing is that Cameron has brought in a solid writer to give a fresh approach to the project. I doubt that this is a page one rewrite, Cameron is said to be eying a January or early February start date - this could be more of an effort to shore up the third film Avatar With A Vengeance since both films are supposedly to shoot concurrently. Where I like this news is that Friedman was the lead writer on Spielberg's War of the Worlds and he was the lead writer and creator behind the awesome, under rated, and sadly canceled too soon Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Maybe Cameron is reaching out to Friedman because he is the one guy to love Terminators as much as he does? 

Also arriving today for you should be my review for The Wolverine. I plan to hit an early show if my brain holds out for me to be able to enjoy it, if I don't go today I'll go tomorrow. I don't know why but I am just not at all excited for this movie. Perhaps it's the lackluster middling reviews? Maybe it's the fact that I don't know of anyone that went to see it? Or it could be the fact that I am totally burned out from the slew of summer movies this year. I'm preparing a rant on that issue so look out! With that I shall leave you, so remember Dear Readers, climbing into a dishwasher isn't the same thing as taking a shower - while you can wash dishes in a shower, you can't wash yourself with your dishes, sadly, the two methods are not simpatico.
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