Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Shaved...My Face!

My chin looks enormous now. 

There comes a time in every man's life where he needs to decide what is important, to avoid being carded at the liquor store, or to man up and shave off his chin whiskers and and look professional at impending job interviews? The decision has been made. I now look like a butch four year old, and I have to live with my decision for at least the next three to four days. Learn from my mistake. Learn.

Well what's new? I am busy at work at my latest Epic Trailer, and it is going to be funny as hell and I can't wait for everyone to see it. However, I have hit a bit of a snag. See, some of the elements I have to work with have rather craptasticly soft sound, and no amount of altering is generating audible dialog that isn't being beaten to death by noise artifacts and distortion, so now I have to seek out good quality elements, and Comedy Gods willing, I should locate those today. Either way that shakes out, that does indicate that there will be a release date delay for my latest video. I know, I am letting you down, but it must be so. I am sorry. I do hope to have this beast uploaded and ready by Friday noon time, but that must also come with a flurry of mad dash editing. If I can't make it by then, you can bet Monday is a rock solid release date!

With that, I have cracked what I want my vlog to be. For those not in the know, a vlog is a "Video Blog" - get it? Vlog. Mine shall be "First World Problems With Matt." I'd love to give this a fireside, "Masterpiece Theater" vibe but I don't have an apartment with a fireplace. What are the problems I am going to cover? Well, you know those goofy intros I write at the top of every blog entry? Pretty much those. I think they're goofy as hell and if told in a straight faced way, could be hilarious. I don't have a specific timetable to get the ball rolling on these, maybe as early as next week, but we'll see what I can nock together in that time. I do have to keep looking for a job, make some progress on my book, edit my latest Epic Trailer, and I am also working on rebuilding my online portfolio; snazzy it up so it looks awesome. So this new vlog will have to come after all that, but keep a look out for it! It is coming!

That's all for now, gotta clean my apartment a little and take out the recycling. Those are first world problems, but they're not funny.

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