Monday, April 14, 2014

To Vlog Or Not To Vlog? That Is The Question...

I'm trying really hard to enjoy "Escape Plan"

Welcome back ladies, gents, children, and specially skilled cats and dogs that can activate computers and read nerd blogs. Hope all of you had a great weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing with the wonderful Colorado weather we're experiencing here. Yes, Friday and Saturday both were just spectacular with lots of sun and 70 degree weather... Sunday was a gigantic ice storm. I like to think of days like that as Mother Nature's reminder we're her little bitch.

What's new? Not a whole hell of a lot other than lots of things! To get the ball rolling - this here blog picked up a lot of solid traffic last week - perhaps due to the fact my latest Epic Trailers were pretty huge successes... well at least in my little estimation of them. Take a look again if you haven't already:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Epic Trailer

Godzilla Epic Trailer

1400+ views and counting each is pretty solid I think. Not to mention I gained more subscribers! If you haven't yet, please do - it helps get the videos I create promoted up the list, and it looks cool when people pull up my profile - and it helps in Google rankings when people search related material.

NEXT: Because of this blog - I got a nice little uptick in ad clicks, which is awesome, albeit not enough bucks to live off of, but it's something. ALSO if you happen to have AdBlocker on, you can turn it off for my blog, even if you don't ever intend to click on the ad, the number of times the ads appear helps too.

AFTER THAT: I got onto a nice job application binge, thankfully Friday was a very productive day on that end to the point that I heard back from one prospect within an hour requesting additional information before scheduling an interview! So with any luck on my side, stable, strong income isn't too far off.

AFTER AFTER THAT: Went and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel for the third time. Yes it is so good that my wife and I have willingly paid to see it three times in the theater and loved it each time. I honestly can't remember the last time that I, let alone both of us have seen a single movie in the theater that many times. So if you haven't gotten to it yet; GO! It's amazingly funny and I can't quit listening to the soundtrack, so be prepared to buy that as soon as you're out of the movie theater as well. In fact, you probably better have the Amazon app on your phone just in case you can't get that music out of your ears.

Where does that leave us? Well pretty much all caught up except that I am now planning my latest Epic Trailer, which I'm thinking I'll have them posted every Thursday if time permits. It seems like I get more views and traffic that day - people at work on a Friday with work being the last thing on their minds before the weekend need to have a little extra distraction!

Now I am also thinking about doing a Vlog of some kind. What kind of one? That is hard to say. I want it to be funny, and goofy but then there is a lot of competition for that kind of market. Not sure yet what I intend to do, or if I do it at all, but you can bet it'll be pretty awesome...or not. But we shall see what happens with that.

Until next time dear readers, be good out there, and enjoy your Monday! Saturday is only 4 more short days away!
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