Monday, May 4, 2015

May The 4th Be With You!

I know it's "May The 4th" and the Vulcan salute is a bit out of place, but given the recent passing of Star Trek original series legend Grace Lee Whitney AKA Yeoman Rand - I felt I needed to give her a little shout out through all the Star Wars Noise

With that- it's Star Wars Day! Hopefully you have the "Unspecialized Edition" that's been circulating of the original films. Under normal circumstances I don't condone or encourage piracy, but this isn't a normal case. With that I do encourage you to buy the Blu-rays over the recently released digital editions because, yeah, they're a ripoff - ultra compressed HD image of dated masters has a number of fans up in arms. The extras may be interesting, but who cares? They're no the original unaltered trilogy so no $ from me.

Next - seek out this week's Vanity Fair because it's loaded with new Star Wars The Force Awakens images, including Adam Driver unmasked - yeah the dude looks evil.

This is going to be a short post because I have a load of stuff to get caught up on. At least 3 more reviews to write after I just finished my Summer Movie Guide for High-Def-Digest that should be published sometime tomorrow. With that, my wife has got me hooked on a piece of 70's classic rock that I can NOT stop listening to... so I'm going to make you listen to it! HAHAHAHA! I'm evil...

Check back later for more stuff!
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