Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday 8/12

The only thing lawmakers should really criminalize is waking up before 6:am - There's something Psychotic about that!

Ever have such a long, fun, and relaxing weekend that it just seems to go on and on forever and then when you wake up on Monday morning, you doubt it's actually Monday? Yeah that's pretty much sums up the first 25 minutes of my day. Didn't help that I kept forgetting if I put brown sugar in my oatmeal and then grabbing the bag of sugar from the cupboard and then realizing I had, then poured myself a cup of tea, and in that space of 15 seconds forgot all over again if I put brown sugar in my oatmeal and repeated the process again only to realize I did. The other way to tell if I've woken up way too early to be functional are the two paragraph length run-on sentences above.


Yeah a crap ton has been going on since I left you all those many days ago that required more attention of me than I was willing to give to this blog i.e. I rediscovered the awesomeness that is Red Dead Redemption. Not really...well... not entirely. While I freely admit to firing up that classic game and getting stuck in Zombie mode again, truth of the matter is I got a lot more writing done, and spent a fair amount of time trying to navigate the changing landscape of our weekend plans. Some family was to come out here while my brother in law rode in the Leadville 100 mile cycle race (he finished at 10:04 - that's 10hours 4 minutes! - Way to go Bro!) Sadly other members got sick and weren't able to make it out. Then to cap that off, we had Tommy Wiseau in town!

The Man, The Legend, The Wiseau

You read that right good folks - the brilliant mind behind The Room was here in Denver along with cohort and partner in crime Greg Sestero( I love that I typed as far as "Greg S" into Google before it auto completed the spelling for me! Proves A: I'm not the only one that can't spell it, and B: He's so awesome Google knows his name!) - at first my wife and I were pretty certain we wouldn't make it to the show. Then things started changing and it proved we could! Only the night kept changing on us - so at one point we literally had 4 tickets for this thing. Even if we couldn't get a refund for the other pair and had to go BOTH nights, it would have totally been worth it!

Oh yeah! That's right we got to meet Tommy and Greg! BTW blog world - meet the pretty blonde lady in the middle, that's my wife Mary sporting her "You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa!" T-Shirt I got her for Valentine's Day! Also awesome - sadly no photographic evidence exists to prove it - but I was the first person Tommy shook hands with when he got out of the car! But it was a great experience, we scored an official "The Room" mini football that Tommy and Greg signed, and the Johnny talking bobble head. Tommy was awesome, really worked the crowd, very friendly and cool. Greg was a nice pleasant calm normality by comparison and I think he was more than a little surprised at the turnout for this thing.
People came out in costume! There were Johnnys, there were Lisas, there were Marks, and more than a few guys in Tuxedos! I think Greg and Tommy were genuinely surprised at how big this movie was in Denver. I overheard Greg ask people at random times if they'd seen the movie before and the look of surprise when they'd say 4, 5, or more was great! While we were standing in line, my wife and I tried to figure out how many times we'd seen this movie, specifically at the Esquire, and now after Friday night's show - we figure it has to be at least 7 if not 8 times! And every time we've gone the crowd in the upstairs theater is always a fun rowdy bunch and is a major part of why we love living in Denver. That said I was even a little worried about the turn out. I mean I figured it would do pretty good that first night but two nights? At our screening and I hear it happened the second night as well, the main floor 400 seat theater sold out, and they moved the spillover to the top theater! I also heard that many people went to both nights! While these guys tour around and do their thing, I hope they find time to drop by our way again. Hats off to the great staff at The Landmark Esquire Theatre for getting these guys to come out! If you're wanting to see one of the greatest cinematic events but want to do it right and see Tommy and Greg too - check out The Room website - they list all of the tour dates as well as all the crazy stuff you can buy. In addition to goofy The Room stuff, Tommy has his own clothing line including leather belts, and yes - even underwear apparently is on the way! I've ordered from the site before, very easy, and if you ask, Tommy will personally sign anything you want in your order - this might delay its shipping a little, but it will get to you!

Now for a little nice Personal musings!

In addition to all the cool stuff that happened Friday night - Sunday was 6 years to the day that I met this wonderful lady: 
Today is also 6 years after our first date! It's pretty amazing how something like that can sneak up on you. We woke up Saturday morning and were like "Oh shit! The 11th is tomorrow!" 6 years, when you say it like that, doesn't seem that long in compared to how ling it feels. We've been through so much together in that time, it feels more like 12 instead of six - in all the best ways. Life is a funny adventure, the day before I met her I told everyone I knew, family, friends, and coworkers, that I was going to be moving to L.A. after the holiday shopping season. I wasn't enjoying Chicago at the time, real steady work was hard to come by being fresh out of college and I was ready for a change. Just didn't expect the best thing to ever happen to me would come walking into the video store I worked at looking for a copy of Manhattan! Life is full of great moments like this and I'm glad I get to share mine with this great lady. Love you tons Mary! You're the reason I try to make each day a little better than the last one.

And with that, Dear Readers, I will leave you for the day. And Remember taking your dog to poo in your yard is not composting, it only counts if you go in the same spot too.

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