Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday 8/15

AHHHHHHHH! I'm back to work! AHHHHHHHHH!

Today is going to be a wild and crazy day. Thankfully got plenty of rest because I'm gonna need it! Not only do I start my new gig - of which I have to do much researching and planning before I can get going on my first projects but I'll keep you posted on that - but tonight is also Rifftrax Live: Starship Troopers! The moment all the fans in the world have been waiting for! The product of a Kickstarter campaign - of which my wife and I contributed to - this is a one night only event - and sadly due to the home video department at Sony Pictures - they will not be able to sell a VOD or DVD of this event like they usually get to. That means dear readers if you want your head to explode from too much laughing - you gotta go TONIGHT!

You can search your area for tickets at the FATHOM MOVIES SITE. I really hope that if enough people go to this thing tonight, the money crunchers at Sony will see that there is a market for a release of this version! - Hell they could do a 2 pack anniversary edition with the real movie and the Rifftrax Live edition - I would be TOTALLY cool paying a premium. I kind of like the movie still and it desperately needs a new HD transfer as it is. Come on Sony - Do the RIGHT THING!


I hope someday a version of this image will grace the box art of a DVD or a Blu-ray on my shelf.

Well because I really do have to get going on this - I have to leave you for the day. Be good out there dear readers and remember - make your dreams happen, they're not going to happen without you. So if you expect to be the best pole dancer it takes practice, practice, practice!

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