Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday 8/13

Wait - Does this mean I have to get pretty every morning now?

Life is a funny thing and you have to just roll with the punches. Or if you're like Rocky; get punched in the face a whole lot before you get angry enough to hit Clubber Lang back. OR let Apollo Creed get mashed like a potato in the ring by the big Russian before you get pissed off enough to go to Siberia to train in the mountains before jumping back into the ring yourself. Point is when life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice in the open wounds, let the sting surge the adrenaline before you get back into the fight and hit back harder than before. The only way you lose in life is if you give up - and I'm glad to say my efforts are paying off!

Talk About One Hell of a Day!

To start the ball rolling - lets talk book. Well it keeps trudging along, I think the greatest lesson I re-learned in this process is that writing a novel is not at all like writing a screenplay - even if the novel is based off of a screenplay you've already written! This is a much longer more involved creative process than I anticipated but I'm loving every moment of it. Writing a novel is like directing a movie in your head, you have to get all the blocking, staging, set design, script, and casting done in your brain before you really can get the camera rolling - in this case the camera is my fingertips on the keyboard but you get the metaphor. As I skip along the pages in my screenplay - adapting them one at a time - I get to reevaluate each character interaction, wording, and sequence of events and it is one hell of a great ride. While I might not finish this thing to any specific deadline I still complete 3-4 average book pages a day; that's about 1200-1500 words. That is not the obscene pace I set during NanoWriMo of 3000+ but then I'm not writing absurd long winded dialog to fill out the word count! I want this one to be good! The challenge I have for myself come November is to actually write a good book I can self publish for NanoWriMo!

Next - I have to give a HUGE shout out to all the great readers I have in the greater United States, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Hungary, The UK, Germany, Spain and Italy! At least a dozen or more from each country are reading regularly and because of your activity I hit a huge jump in ad revenue! And by huge I don't mean like Gold Rush money, I mean I can take my wife to a matinee movie and not buy popcorn - but still, it counts! So with that, Thank you all for reading! I know I haven't been as consistent as I was when this thing got rolling along, that is a large part in not wanting each post to be stale and wanting to maintain my pace for my book. And now there is a new wrinkle that might delay posts from time to time.

I have got myself a part time contract gig! That's right dear readers - I can now afford at least one of those amazing toys I keep posting about! Well... maybe I should pay down my credit card some - but you get the idea! It is part time, which is fine because from the sound of things 99% of the affair will be telecommute -  so now I get to write off the square footage of my workstation, a portion of my internet costs, and my electric bill from my taxes! Which - once I get my novels selling I can do anyway - but still cool eh? I may not get to go to as many movies and write as many reviews for ya'all but since this summer was kind of a bummer overall -  is that really so bad? But now that I am sorta employed I feel like I need to look my best each day -  and I can't shake this scene from my head for some reason.
 Thankfully in my case though I only need to get a haircut and maybe wash some clothes. 

Well that is pretty much all I have for you at this moment in time. Not a whole hell of a lot of interesting stuff going on other than the above listed. Sure I could post the latest Thor 2 trailer -  which is awesome - but I'll let you suss that one out for yourself! Besides with tomorrow being a pretty hectic day - I gotta get as much novel writing time in as I can - shooting for 2500-3000 words! Be good Dear Readers and remember, when life gives you lemons, skin the lemons, squeeze the juice add an appropriate amount of pectin and sugar, make a nice flaky crust, whip some egg whites and sugar until your arm falls off, set your oven to 350 and make a lemon meringue pie - way better than lemonade!  
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