Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday 7/11

Thursday! - Hold it together people the weekend is almost here

Ever get deja vu? Then you start to wonder where you'd seen that thing or heard that phrase and then you get deja vu from the deja vu? Then you start freaking out thinking you've already lived this life or that your brain is losing grip on reality and then you get deja vu from the deja vu caused by the previous deja vu? That happens to me every time I go to Starbucks...

Still doing something a little different...

Don't worry it's not another rant, although that was fun wasn't it? Lots of great feedback on that one! But it also got me thinking about what I want this blog to be and where I want it to go. Sure the random movie notices and toy news and things I think are goofy can be fun and all, but it isn't that rewarding, so every now and again, I'm thinking each Thursday I'm going to post up only the random awesome things I've spotted around the internets. Why Thursday? Because it's the day before Friday and in my experience when you have a weekend staring you in the face you need all the fun and positive reinforcement you can get.

to get things started...


Here is something that anyone with a beating heart left in their chest should find incredibly charming and absolutely wonderful: Tiny Superheroes. Living in Seattle, Washington, there is a woman named Robyn Rosenberger, she sews capes for sick and disabled children in hospitals all over the country. It all started after she made capes for her own son and for her nephew's birthday, later she learned of a child that was hospitalized with a rare skin condition - so she decided that kid needed a cape too! From there it has grown into an incredible act of kindness that has spread throughout 45 states and into 11 countries. Seriously - go take a look at their website. If you don't have at least one little tear welling up in the corner of your eye with a gigantic heartwarming smile on your mug after reading one of the stories... I gotta worry about you. Robyn and her team have made over 700 personalized capes in under 6 months! Just from the pictures on her site, you can see how happy each child looks. if you want to help out and fire off some bucks their way - there is a Donations Link on the website.
Moving along now....

Ever Wanted to Learn how to Dance?

Well this young lady took it upon herself to learn - by teaching herself! Watch and enjoy the progress
I could never pull off moves like that. My hulking barrel chest and long, stiff ape-like arms kind of prevent that level of fluid activity. Plus I have zero sense of rhythm and would be all off in the choreography. But I just thought this was a solid addition to the series thus far. NEXT!!!

Remember the Old NES Cheat Code?

Well it STILL WORKS! Zip on over to UK Vogue, or Wired UK and enter the old Konami code from the NES days: (using arrow keys) Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A - and keep pressing A as much as you want and you get-

On the Wired UK site... you get SCIENCE RAPTORS and NION CATS!!!

Now for something truly terrifying, if you go to Buzzfeed and enter the code you go from the normal page:
to this unspeakable horror:
blink your eyes and try and forget that as best you can
Cool eh? If anyone knows of any other sites that are hosting this code add it to the comments below! Keep the fun of the internet alive!

Well, that's pretty much all I got for you today, hope you enjoyed this slight deviation into new territory. It was fun for me at least! And with that, remember Dear Readers, cat litter sand is meant for cats... not humans. I know it's tempting to think that if you use their box they'll clean up after you instead, but it's just not so. You are their slave forever; an indentured servant destined to live out their whims...or face the consequences!

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