Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday 7/9

Tuesday - A Day That Will Live On In Infamy... 
for no reason what so ever... 

Ever catch a scent in the air that fowls your nose causing you crinkle up your face like a rat? You sniff around trying to find the source of it roaming around your living space searching high and low, and no matter where you look, no matter where you go, that smell is there. Then you realize... that smell is you. Yeah I hate that too... glad I am someone who showers. I just wish the strangers I came into contact with did the same... cus woof! Horse apples are not bars of soap and should not be used as such.

The Book Progresses!

Day by day, bit by bit. I'm clearing a solid 2000+ words per day now while doing rewrites as I go along. I discovered a slight plot hurdle that gummed up the works for a few days. It's really hard to maintain a schedule when you realize something that's been staring you in the face for 2 months comes to light. As such, lots of retooling being done so I have doubts that I'll make my Birthday deadline, which is a bummer but you know what? For all the creative stuff I've been doing, between blogging and launching a Youtube channel... I'm cool with that! I've done a lot of great work in the last 30 days. Could I be doing more and better? Sure I could! But you don't become a pro the first day on the field. It takes time, hard work, and dedication. Maintaining a schedule of blogging every week day at least once for a month has been a huge accomplishment and I give myself a pat on the back!

Super Awesome Wolverine Clip!

Want to see some early action of everyone's favorite angry Canadian? Then take a look at the first clip from The Wolverine! Normally, since I hate spoilers of any kind and all types and that also includes advanced clips shown out of context, I usually don't watch these things. But since Wolverine's last solo adventure kind of sucked quite frankly, I gave myself permission just so I'd know if this was actually worth spending bucks on... and I am quite impressed - Take a look for yourself!

This looks far and away above and beyond better than X-men Origins: Wolverine. That movie's action sequences sucked on digital toast. I hope the 3D conversion holds up because that would be a pretty incredible sequence to see in the 3rd Dimension!

James Cameron and Alfonso Cuaron SPEAK!

Zip on over for to Screenrant, they have a fantastic video up there featuring Cameron and Cuaron talking about the state of the industry. Also you'll find an update about Cameron's Avatar Sequels as well as a bit about the long gestating Battle Angel. It's interesting hearing two directors whom have both made fantastic contributions to sci-fi films talk about the state of things. If you're science fictionally inclined and enjoy the film making process, give it a listen.

This clip has nothing to do with the above... I just loved this episode of South Park!
yeah that's about the truth of it.

Who Likes Their Toys Murderous and Creepy?

That's right ladies and gents - there is a new Chucky movie coming out! Curse of Chucky! Score! Heading straight to video, this little show actually looks like it sports some pretty good production values. It's nice to see they're still doing the practical effects doll instead of going the CGI route. Check out the teaser trailer and get a look for yourself!

Aside from the pretty damn awful third film, this is a series that's held up pretty well. There has always been a sick and twisted sense of humor to the whole thing about a doll that just so happens to be inhabited by the spirit of a deranged serial killer. Also fun is the fact that the great character actor Brad Dourif has stuck with the series going on 30 years now as the voice of everyone's favorite killer doll!

Time to get back to the writing, I shall leave you now. Be good out there and remember to click "subscribe" to get all of my posts! And with that, remember Dear Readers, if there are lush green plants in your refrigerator when you haven't gone to the store in months... you should probably clean your refrigerator out more often.

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