Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday 7/12

FRIDAY! - Couldn't have gotten here sooner...

Have you ever woken up thinking that your life is actually a TV show? Like in the Truman Show. Thinking like that has started to give me performance anxiety - should I learn to dance? What if I sang a song? Should I come up with a signature catch phrase; "I gotta go clean the cat box." has a ring to it. I just hope I can keep my ratings up so I don't get canceled for another 60 years or so.

Got A Bit Of Catching Up To Do!

We'll I'm somewhat back to normal here today - I took a little bit of a road trip into new territories and it was well worth the adventure I'd say. BUT that also means I missed out on about 2 days worth of awesomeness. SO to get things going I'll start with what I woke up to on my facebook page this morning:
click the pick for a larger view - 

It''s beautiful! Needless to reiterate at this point but I am a nerd. I have thousands of comics and hundreds of action figures and I have been waiting SO long for figures of the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman and Robin! Ever since Hot Toys announced they were making a 6th scale replica of the original 60's Batmobile over a year ago - I have waited. When Neca Toys announced they were making 1/4 scale figures of Batman and Robin, I have waited for the announcement for Hot Toy's figures. Today that wait paid off in spades. I have no idea when the release date of these is going to be - I don't care - They WILL be mine! Any more news after this is pointless to say the least but...NEXT!

Oooookay... Really? 

This trailer started making the rounds the other day and I can't help bring your attention towards SHARKNADO! - yeah you read that right - I don't even need to explain it, just watch the trailer and enjoy the helping of stinky Limburger.
Yeah... I caught a nice subtle Jaws nod in there but woof does this look ruff - in ALL the best ways! As a lover of bad movies - this is something I can't pass up. Sadly since I don't have the Syfy channel(or cable as a whole) I didn't get to enjoy this farce for it's premier last night, but as soon as it's out on DVD - consider one copy sold! Onward! 

I Like My Frankenstein With More Stitches And Body Parts!

This is a project I have been very interested in over the last year is starting to gear up it's promotional materials. Yesterday we got our first look at Aaron Ekhart as the title monster in I, Frankenstein.
And... eh... He just looks like a guy that got into a bad car accident and decided it was a good time to go to the gym. Considering the advancements of makeup effects and CGI trickery - I expected better. A trailer should be out soon since this film has a presence at Comic Con. But... yeah... my enthusiasm has waned. Moving along now!

To leave you, here is the first trailer for Disney's Saving Mr. Banks. This little romp features Tom Hanks as Walt Disney who is working very hard to woo the rights of Marry Poppins from Emma Thompson. Looks like pure 100% authentic Oscar bait - but in this case that could actually be a good thing!
Looks quite charming and Tom Hanks is always great. Could have enough sap to fill up a Christmas tree, but given the mass destruction that's been on display this summer season - I'm happy for a little calm and quiet at the movies.

With that I shall leave you for the weekend. Enjoy the days, be good, and remember Dear Readers, if you're lost in the wilderness with a group of friends - it's okay to find the weakest member of the party, tie that person to a tree for the bear and run for your lives - the irony is that the bear would ignore that person and chase you instead. Best if one of you lived rather than none!

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