Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday 7/15

Monday... is not "funday" Whomever tells you that is a liar and should not be trusted!

Ugh, I hate applying for jobs. I know it's shocking... I am not actually paid to entertain you! I do what I can without pay because I'm a nice guy, but at the same time I gotta get fed, my wife and I want to buy a house and there are a ton of toys on my list that aren't on my shelf and and they're not gonna get there any time soon without a little $ assistance. So in a nut shell I found a fantastic opportunity, wrote one hell of a great cover letter, and so far... heard nothing yet. Granted, I applied to this thing Friday morning, but I mean, come on, it's Monday! I've been free all day Saturday and Sunday, the least they could have done was given me a call. I thought I was special...I, I thought they' me. Funny - sounds like I gave a girl my number. All of a sudden now I'm getting flashbacks of my personal life in college; only with jobs. Best to trudge forth. Onwards to Entertainment!


Before we get to the main crux of the post today, I have to point your attention to the trailer for the Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven - Yurusarezaru mono. I can not wait for this movie to make it stateside, even though none of the trailers are in English and my ability to speak Japanese is nonexistent, it looks to be a beautifully shot movie and seems to follow the original very well while adding the extra touch of placing it in the time when Japan was westernizing and the ways of the old Samurai were coming to an end. Take a look and enjoy:

Serving as a nice segue into the main topic of the day - here is the gorgeous theatrical poster:

Awesome Poster Art!!!

I could depress you with the news that Pacific Rim - which I hear is awesome - lost the box office battle to Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2 - which I hear is an abomination, instead we are going to focus today on AWESOME MOVIE POSTERS! This is a pseudo rant, nothing political at all - I figured everyone got enough of that horse$#^! over the weekend! You might ask; what ticked this topic off? Well, take a look and see for yourself!

If you happen to be going San Diego Comic Con way - You have the opportunity to enjoy these bad ass works of ART. What you have here are posters for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and Thor 2: The Dark World. Since I wont be attending the con, all I can say to the people going is Lucky Bastards! I love good poster art and when a movie has great poster art; I get excited. I get excited because I have to get my ebay game face on and challenge others to add a great new poster or banner to my collection at a decent price. It's competitive, it's brutal, and you leave the experience of winning an auction a different man than when you started bidding. I have a huge collection of movie theater posters and vinyl banners so I hate lazy poster art, and laziness that looks pretty seems to be the growing trend of things. Make one great dynamic poster to tease you then everything after is a photoshop disaster. Or worse you get this year's theme for all big movie posters - Someone standing with their back to you! (mind you all of these movies came out or are going to in 2013)

Apparently the order of the day was make every poster look cool by ripping off every other poster! "WE MUST HAVE MORE BACKS IN SILHOUETTE LOOKING AT NOTHING IMPORTANT, DAMN IT!" Granted - each of these are cool in their own ways, but they're hardly great pieces of wall art are they? Especially when you consider that if you took the titles off the posters there really isn't anything amazing to distinguish these movies by. Even the Ender's Game poster could have subbed for Iron Man 3. This has been a trend in the making that has caused something pretty damn cool actually - Custom Poster Art!  Great Artists have taken it upon themselves to create some pretty fantastic pieces that I dare say are more beautiful and more interesting to look at then photoshopped floating heads. - click for full size image

To movie studio bosses: would it really be too hard to commission these guys to do your poster art? Considering what these unique, low print run works fetch from collectors, there clearly is a demand for this kind of work! Seriously these things initially sell for upwards of $100 and then on the grey market when they're sold out, they go for easily triple to ten times that much! For movies like The Last Stand or the Captain America, or even Alien - these posters have a better sense of what the movie is about - particularly The Last Stand - this was an over the top action popcorn movie romp that didn't get communicated with this craptacular example of photoshop:

In the end, I wish the marketing team assigned to excite an audience would take their time. Granted they're given a budget and it's a huge task to pull something together that communicates the movie while making it look like something you have to see. However, that doesn't excuse the lack of creativity. I hope one day whoever is in charge of marketing these movies will look around in the lobby of their local theater, brows the posters and banners hanging on walls and say to themselves "yeah... maybe I shouldn't do that to my posters anymore."

To leave you, take a look at the custom posters my good friend Jacob Rice cooked up! Shoot some comments below and maybe we can encourage him to get these suckers printed and keep making more; because I think he's onto something here!

That's all I have for you today. Since Comic Con gets underway in a couple days, I'm sure the cool news stuff will be light for the next 48 hours, then it will explode and I won't be able to post up cool news and trailers fast enough! So be patient and try not to itch your arms like a drug addict while you wait. And with that Dear Readers, do your best to remember everyplace that finger has been before inserting it into any orifice or crevice in your body...if you can't remember, sterilize it with soap, then alcohol, and consider lighting it on fire just to be safe.
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