Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday 7/16

Tuesday - 3 days to my Birthday is like forever reliving X-Mas Eve

So yeah... my wife and I finally decided it was the right time to join the 21st century and got smartphones! Yes, that's right, we traded in our dumbphones and we are now proud owners of a device that distracts millions of people during every waking hour of every day! Movies! Music! Games! Emails! It's hard not to fiddle around with apps, play games with your finger, or even take sexy selfies - of which I already have taken way, way too many. Don't worry, I wont be sharing those unless my phone gets hacked. If that happens, please let me know how my pouty face looks. I really tried to do the duck lip thing and look sexy, but I think my beard gets in the way.

Another Day of Awesome!

News is light on the movie, comics and toys front at the moment - so I figured now is the right time to showcase more great stuff I've scrounged around on the interwebs. To get things started; have you wondered what it would be like if Morgan Freeman read Everybody Poops? Well now you don't have to wonder!
This is Joseph Scales; he does spot impersonations of famous celebrities. Subscribe to his channel - well worth it!


As if on cue after yesterday's post, Mondo has released their custom art Comic Con poster for Godzilla - and it is damn beautiful! Click on the picture for the full size image and enjoy!

What If? Posters!

Did you know movies often go through many rounds of casting before settling on who stars in what movie? It's True! On Espresso Gossip - they have several examples of poster art that reflects the original casting! Check out the page here, I've copied over a few of my favorites. 
Somehow I can't picture him saying "Get off my plane!"
Whoa! This would have only fed a lot of rumors about those two!
This could actually have been a lot of fun, these two could have used this movie when it was made
This one is just weird to me. Hard to picture Catwoman in this movie.
Wow - yeah... just, wow.

Well Here is Some Awesome Toy News!

Awhile back, and when I say awhile I'm saying more than a year ago now; Vintage Toy developer Super 7 announced they had found the original molds for a line of never released toys from 1979's Alien! Yes you read that right, Alien - a super creepy, violent, R-Rated sci-fi horror movie had pint-sized action figures developed for kids! Yeah apparently someone in the marketing of these figures decided that might not be such a good idea and the entire toy line got pulled, that is until now!
If you happen to be heading out to Comic Con this week, the set above is the kick ass exclusive you get when you preorder at their booth! that's right you get Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane and our favorite 2 mouthed chest ripping creature! Apparently Parker, Lambert and Brett weren't worthy of figures of their own. If you can't make it to the Con, then keep a watchful eye on the Super 7 Website for the preorder notice, each figure is going to run close to $20 a pop so at five figures to a set, prepare to spend about $200 - you're going to want one set to open and play with while the second set is hermetically sealed away growing in value. It is Nerd Law!

Awesome Early Birthday Present!

In case you didn't know, I just so happen to be a pretty big Rocky fan! I own the entire set on Blu-ray, my favorite shirt to work out in has Rocky on it, and one of my favorite episodes of The Incredible Hulk is the one where David Banner/Hulk helps a young, struggling, slightly dumb Boxer out of Philadelphia...who happens to go by the name Rocky - seriously that is one of the best bad episodes on that show - second maybe to Hulk flying a passenger jet! Back to the main story, knowing I'm a fan of the movies, my wife got me these awesome coasters as an early birthday gift! One for each of the first four movies.(because really? what's so great about the fights in 5 and 6?) My wife did good on this one! Zip on over to Etsy, search around, a lot of people are doing things like this - pretty cool stuff, if ever there is a set for Night of the Living Dead, I'll be all over that!

That's all I got for Today's dose of Awesome! It's only Tuesday so try and keep a positive head about the weekend only being a couple short days and a happy hour or two away! And remember Dear Readers, coffee is a legally addictive substance that should be consumed in mass quantities. Sure, after about 2:00 in the afternoon it's only good as a black liquid instant enema - but at least you'll be regular while maintaining your daily productivity!
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