Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Frances Ha Review

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I'll be straight with you folks, I love movies. I watch hundreds of them a year, new, old and guilty favorites alike. I admit I am easily entertained and I love all genres; so long as a movie doesn't insult my intelligence I am a pretty happy camper. That said, I can't say loud enough or often enough how great Frances Ha is so I'll say it just once in really big bold print: I LOVED THIS MOVIE! I suppose you want me to explain this movie. I guess in one sentence it's about a seemingly flighty chaotic woman who grows apart from her best friend as she finds her place in the world. UGH that SO does not give this movie an ounce of justice. Just, just watch the damn trailer and come back when you're done:

Are you back? Good! Now understand this trailer doesn't offer a tenth of what the movie is really about.  And no explanation from me will be enough to fill in the gaps, but I'll offer a little bit of insight to make the deal a bit sweeter. Our leading lady is Frances played wonderfully by Greta Gerwig, who also co-wrote it with director Noah Baumbach. She is a struggling dancer who is on the verge of losing her job and her best friend as she ambles from one seemingly chaotic living situation to another. It's very easy to write off Frances as a mess who doesn't have her life together because her dancing career is in the tubes, she's constantly near homeless and lives under a mountain of debt. But when you step back and really take a look at her, she is perhaps the most ordered clear person in the entire film. Even when faced against people that have established and successful careers, she is the only one that is happy living her life. She has unspoken goals and she drifts from place to place in a search to not only reach her goals but find herself as well. 
    Not enough can be said about the writing and acting on the part of Gerwig, so probably the less said the better - I don't want to build this movie up too much for the uninitiated, but what I will say is she gives it her all and fills the screen with a presence that by the end of the film, you want to know Frances, or at the very least someone just like her. Until you find that person in your own life's dichotomy, open up a newspaper, hop online, search out any theater in your area that is screening this delightful film. You've worked hard this week and you've earned a break from all the loud explosive and at time disappointing summer blockbusters that fill up multiplexes. Since I work on a 10 point scale and this is a rarity, I give this one a perfect score, if for no other reason than I know I will be watching this film on all future home video formats for years and decades to come. 
In the end 10/10 - I haven't come away from going to the movies this ecstatic in a long, long time 
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