Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whoa! Wha Happa???

What the Fudge?!?

Don't worry your pretty little heads none dear readers - I just did some house cleaning! Decided since there is no way to keep my extra pages a regular thing without sacrificing serious time from job hunting and novel writing - I decided to condense them all into one big SUPER BLOG!

I'll still be doing special features from time to time, and I'll keep on with the movie reviews, but this way I also can review regular DVD's and Blu-rays - not just the 3D discs.

Plus this also helps me optimize my AdSense results by not having them spread out over half a dozen pages. Now you get all the super awesome content you've come to expect in one condensed package. The Matted Screen is now just like Orange Juice - It Comes in Concentrate! Oy that was a bad joke. Anyway - enjoy my old posts from my other pages and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. See you again tomorrow!

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