Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Tuesday! AKA why is it harder to wake up than Monday?

I had the strangest dreams. The one I remember clearly was about a hyper-violent version of Back to the Future where Doc Brown gets blown up by a rocket launcher and Marty uses the Delorian to zip backwards and forwards in time so he could burst through the bad guys with the car. It was an intense dream I doubt Freud would be able to make much sense of. Either way I woke up looking like this.
Anyway...onwards dear readers!

Book News! Hate to admit it but I havent made the progress I would have liked. This blog plus my other feature pages have become a very nice distraction. When you start getting multiple page views from people living in Australia, Ireland, The UK, The Netherlands and Venezuela to name a few, it makes you want to write more! Better! Create awesome Gifs! BUT I do have to get back on schedule so I created a page count in the old screenplay I'm adapting to get through each day. If I stick to this plan, I'll finish my book before my birthday!

With that I will say, there may be days where I don't get out a special feature post like Movie Kid Memories, or Flick Show Ticket. For example I'm working on a new LaserDisc Archive edition for Species and Species II -  and that amazingly enough has been harder than it should've been. That second movie SUCKS on toast. I'll let you know when that one is up and ready for fun!


Any Sin City lovers out there? No, not Vegas, the Frank Miller comic series and movie? Well in case you missed it, Sin City 2: Electric Boogaloo was set for an early October release of this year. Well in the infinite wisdom of the producers, it has now been pushed back 11 months to late August 2014 leaving us with Machete Kills as the only Robert Rodriguez release this year. I remember liking Sin City in theaters but it's a movie that has not held up for me over the years and I liked the first Machete even less, so like the tagline for AlienVSPredator; whoever wins, I loose. I want to like his movies but his work feels like it's fallen off over the years. Pretty much everything after From Dusk Till Dawn has been a progressive dissapointment, with very few exceptions.


Speaking of Alien in a confusing roundabout prequel/sequel/not-a-sequel-at-all sort of way, Prometheus 2 is moving forward officially. It was always kind of assumed that we would be seeing a second adventure for Noomi Rapace and her Robot Friend, but development was slow and apparently there were script troubles that had FOX execs "FREAKING OUT!". Officially now according to Variety, they have writer Jack Palgen on to write the script with Ridley Scott (so far) only confirmed to produce which means there is a Director's Chair Gap that must be filled! We cannot afford a Director's Chair Gap! Sorry random Doctor Strangelove moment over... we may continue.

Since Ridley is pushing a Blade Runner sequel in addition to his Moses epic... it'd be tough for the guy to find time in his schedule. After the last one, that might be okay, I hate to admit. While I enjoyed Prometheus overall, I loved the themes of faith and life, death and rebirth, but WOW those characters sucked eggs. Noomi was great as Elizabeth Shaw and Fassbender was incredible as the android David, but with a crew of like 20 people on that ship, they were the only well rounded characters. Others were given so little time you didn't care. Others like Holloway were cast way too young, and then most of the characters made the DUMBEST illogical decisions possible. So on those levels, I'm glad to hear none of the original screenwriters are coming back. Maybe Palgen can figure out a clear direction for this beast to travel and hopefully connect with the original Alien films in a meaningful way.

It's been interesting reading and hearing other people's opinions after they've seen Man of Steel. Some are over the moon for it, and others outright loath it. The one complaint I keep hearing about that I think is kind of weird is about how you can see Superman's muscles in his suit or his hair didn't have a spit curl yadda yadda yadda. To all that my reply is simply this:

In the screenplay the description is actually written out as: "Nipples! Nipples! Butt! Crotch! Butt! Crotch!"

And then there have been complaints about the presentation of Zod as the villain. Iron Man 3 had that trouble too with The Mandarin, a point I complained about quite a bit. While most arguments bare some weight to them, I think we all need to let out a collective Comic Nerd Sigh and relax. The last 10 years have actually been incredibly kind to comic books and their cinematic counterparts. That's not to say they've all been winners, but I feel it's time to note that we've NEVER had it better than now! We should never forget the horrors that happened before:

And let's not forget this darling moment either...

 Sorry to have to do that to you... I know this brings back memories that we've all tried so hard to forget, but it needed to be done. I had to do it! I had to!

On that note - calling it a day and getting to work on my book! Be good dear readers and remember if your eyes start bleeding after sitting too close to the TV set, it's okay keep staring, that means it's working!

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