Monday, June 17, 2013

You see the Wolf of Wall Street Trailer?

What do you think? Myself? I totally dig it! Glad to see Marty back doing top flight drama again. Not that I minded Hugo, I actually liked it quite a bit, but I like it when he's back at "home" in New York. Wonder if he's looking to explore a new facet of organized crime in a metaphorical sense that is. Oliver Stone tried to go back down this territory in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, I just hope this one is a lot better than that needless sequel. Also it looks like we'll get another Oscar worthy performance out of Leo that will yet again go unnoticed. One of these days I hope this guy gets the golden recognition he deserves. Also nice to see Matthew McConaughey continues to help us forget Reign of Fire with his recent performances.

In other news... Sony has already scheduled Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 for 2016 and 2018 release dates. Color them optimistic. After that last movie, they must think they have a surefire winner on their hands with Amazing Spider-Man 2. Personally I didn't really care for the last one. I thought it was way to slow, the effects work was shoddy, the script was lame, and I never expected to replace "Nuke the Fridge" with "Turn the Cranes." I want to like this Spider-Man, I really do. I'm hoping Director Mark Webb learned some things during the last one, otherwise I doubt we'll actually be seeing this reboot franchise make those release dates.

In case you missed it earlier, my Man of Steel review is up, give it a look and leave your comments! maybe we can iron out what they did right and what they did wrong together. Also a kind of scary rumor is that the inevitable sequel is on such a fast track that we could see Man of Steel 2 in theaters as early as fall or Christmas 2014 with a Justice League movie by mid 2015. That would be insane, A: because that is too little production time to give any sequel let alone an entire team-up movie enough time to create a workable story. I call this rumor bogus with a chance for being stupidly possible.

Just so you're aware I have a new post up on Into the 3rd Dimension where I review the Blu-ray release of Titanic 3D. Is it worth it? You'll just have to read the review. But before you go there, I do have to tell you about an interesting piece of the production few if anyone ever knew about. Did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the movie? I didn't either! But he was. His part was small but integral, some kind of emotional supporting character for Jack and Rose to lean on, so apparently it was really hard for James Cameron to cut his scenes out, but the movie was going long and the cuts had to be made. Only one sequence remains, apparently from the lower class party sequence. Sadly there is no audio but I was able to locate the video- Take a look for yourself!

wait for it...

wait for it...


Hope you enjoyed that! And if you want more humor in your day, go ahead and check out pictures of Fabio Picking Up Men... no... not like that. 

Well that is it for sure today, finally getting a new AC unit today so this summer might not be all bad! Be good young children, if you want to play a high stakes game of Operation attempt to free a stuck piece of toast from your toaster using metal tongs! - I'm not responsible for any parties or persons who attempt this being injured.

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